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One of my favorite petroglyph walls because I'm still trying to figure out how everything relates to each other


Mother Bear. I dreamt of you last night, apologizing for not returning home for Mother’s Day. Like a good Mom you said it was unnecessary. Thank you for holding me close when I needed it most, giving me shelter to find my strength, lifting my spirits and then letting me fly. #bearsears #loveyourmother #visitwithrespect #sacredgeography


We were lucky enough to team up with adventure photographer and outdoor enthusiast Jim Harris to simply live amongst the wilderness for a day or two. What we all want is to just break away from the daily grind. When we do, the land truly speaks for itself.
With the help from Jim’s incredible passion for the outdoors and artistic ability, we set out on a mission to collaborate to help keep the awareness for the protection of the Bears Ears area. Land has been stripped from public hands and that means less land for us to enjoy on our weekend getaways. Now more than ever we must spread awareness about the importance of public lands and why the public plays a key role in their protection.
By wearing your @perpetualweekend Bears Ears T-shirt you support the Friends of Cedar Mesa. An organization working to inform the public, and lobby against areas being stripped from public use for private lease sales. Our one-of-a-kind shirt collaboration is still donating 100% of the profits to Friends of Cedar Mesa. Show your support today, and help spread the word that the fight is far from over! Link in bio!


Last July, Chris D’Angelo interviewed me for an article for @huffpostpol . It’s such a small world because I got to go hiking with him in Bears Ears! He also let me wear his cool hat !#standwithbearsears #monumentsforall #honortribes #huffpost


Making Waves: @andrew_burr
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We need your voice!

The future of Bears Ears climbing is uncertain. While we are still fighting the Bears Ears National Monument reduction in court, we must also act to ensure climbers have a voice in the upcoming Monument Management Plan for the two reduced monument sub-units (Shash Jáa and Indian Creek).

Follow the link in our bio to submit a comment to the BLM district office and help climbers have a voice.

Photo by @rainbowweinstock


Photo by @renan_ozturk // A tiny ultralight aircraft moving through the (former) vastness of #bearsearsnationalmonument. Obama established this 1.3 million acre monument in 2016, which was later reduced by 83% by Trump in late 2017, the largest reduction of a monument in US history. ~

This canyon which is on par with any national park in the country unfortunately doesn’t have the same protection within its shrunken boundaries. ~

Politics aside, I love shooting from the air because it gives a new perspective on this contested and majestic land~

With @shotsfromabove @taylorfreesolo @joeraven74 @filmguppy @baloointhewild @sanctityofspace @camp4collective #sanctityofspace ~

See @renan_ozturk for more shots of #bearsearsnationalmonument from above


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Dear Secretary Zinke and @realdonaldtrump, these lands are sacred and beautiful. And ours. We will come for you. ❤️, the dirtbag community #protectbearsears #protectindiancreek #MONKEYWRENCHGANG


They paved paradise -Bob Dylan (Big Yellow Taxi) // This summer I had the opportunity to explore Bears Ears NP near the northern Arizona border. On Monday a provision was passed shrinking the national monument by millions of acres.

An economist would argue that this decision is a proactive approach to providing job opportunities to Southern Utah (oil drilling, coal mining) in one of the poorest county’s in the state.
A conservationist would argue that this would destroy the eco system and wild life habitat, ultimately contributing to more pollution in the U.S., and removing of federal land that once belonged to the Navajo nation.
While this issue is extremely controversial it’s important recognize that our country’s resources are invaluable and with every decision there is always an opportunity cost that can be irreplaceable.


Support Bears Ears/Grand Staircase-Escalante #monumentalmistake


Under Trump's proclamation, 1.1 million acres of land will have their national monument status dismantled, including world-class climbing (parts of Indian Creek). The @accessfund @nrdc_org @sierraclub are just some fighting against Trump's ILLEGAL move. I know this moves me to do what I can as an outdoor loving American and I hope you visit their sites to find out more of how you can help too! I am in utter disappointment. This is not only painful, but scary. OUR lands should be protected. #standwithbearsears #savegrandstaircase #publiclands #givingtuesday


Trump doesn’t know and doesn’t care about what he’s trying to destroy, and this is just the beginning of all out war on our public lands #noblefoto #bearsears


President Trump signed 2 proclamations yesterday to shrink the Bears Ears Monument by over 80% as well as the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by about 45%. This will undo Clinton and Obama’s work to protect and preserve the culture, history, and beauty of these public lands, and allow drillers, miners, and frackers to suck the lands dry of its natural resources. These are the things that keep me up at night. #resindbearsears #thepresidentstoleyourland #monumentalmistake #protectwildlife #protectwildutah #protectbearsears #protectgrandstaircase


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” -Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

#protectbearsears #protectescalante #protectourmonuments #weloveourpubliclands


I honestly don’t have language anymore to catalogue and account for the list of atrocities committed by this state and its current administration, but I’m trying hard today to remind myself of what my friends and I are trying to articulate when we say a place, a moment, an experience or set of relationships is “SACRED.” This is a sacred place in the full sense of the word, and that sacredness can never be taken away or destroyed, especially by the flick of a pen held in a tiny, miserable hand. All the same...FUCK YOU AND YOUR FASCIST LAND GRAB TRUMP #standwithbearsears #protectourpubliclands #sacredland #indiancreek #resist


Another disgusting day in our history.


There is only one group of people who “win” with this decision to remove federal protection: oil and gas companies. No idea who or why those folks at the end are cheering. Local Utahns had every right to access much of the Monuments with Federal protection. If this proclamation to shrink the Monuments by millions of acres goes through, the end result will be large purchases made by oil companies who will promptly erect a fence around it and begin drilling/ fracking till the land has nothing left to give. How is that freedom for Utahns? How is that local access? If you wish to stay involved, follow the movement by @patagonia @patagoniaslc to sue the administration and block the sale of this sacred public land. It’s a shame that private companies have to step in to save the land from its own government. As much as we try to stay out of he fray of politics, we must address a fundamental issue that is central to our mission: our government should protect our land from exploitation. Our government should protect our access to public land. These are two BASIC principles. Somehow, the current Republican ideology has morphed into something that won’t allow for this. The current Republican model is to tout that all government is bad an tyrannical. Looks like they are trying to self-fulfill that prophesy. Demand more respect for public land from your leaders, particularly our friends who vote red. Take your party back so we can be in this fight together #redwhiteandblue #bipartisan #nationalparkalliance #protectbearsears #standwithbearsears #protectgrandstaircase #monumentsforall


I do think the new #Interior Department seal is quite fitting in light of today’s continuing rampage on our environment by the current trump administration. The illegal giveaway of our 2 million acres to oil and mining interests will not happen without a fight. #unitedoutside #optoutside #monumentsforall #cascadesiskiyounationalmonument #bearsearsnationalmonument #grandstaircaseescalantenationalmonument #indigenous


Super distracted today thinking about what’s about to happen in my home state. #istandwithbearsears #savegrandstaircase #bearsearsnationalmonument


Spending the afternoon exploring the vast beauty of Bears Ears National Monument while we still can. Maybe if Trump actually took a moment to tour this exceptional place, and hear stories from the people that it means the most to, he would think twice before taking nearly 85 percent of it away from the public. // #travel #travelgram #bearsearsnationalmonument #utah #resist #dirtbags #traveltheworld #wanderlust #nomad #ontheroad #adventure #explore #view #hiking #hike #camping #nature #outside #outdoors #puliclands #photo #photography #landscapephotography


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