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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am a Casa Tua’s frequent flyer 😂 #noshame #pasta #carbs #bolognese #italianfood @casatuacucina


Fettuccine with wild mushrooms, black winter #truffle and parmesan cheese fonduta. .
🥂 #foodielaxia approved


Saladinha grega nota 10 no @casatuacucina no @brickellcitycentre ! 👌🏻
👀Mais desse food hall e de promoções acontecendo no shopping no Stories! Vejam lá!


Al Dente!!! Excellent pasta taste


Fresh Salad @casatuacucina 🥗
Great place to visit if you are @brickellcitycentre
It is a great alternative when I am in the area for work.
They have many stations to choose from, I got this salad, a juice, and then an almond milk latte. #VeganEats
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Nuestras carteras se pueden personalizar 🖤🌀 #GaiaRoomBags #gaiaroundtheworld


Love this place... #brickellcitycenter


#awesome #food at @casatuacucina 🍽🍷❤️


Jantarzinho pq nós merecemos!
#miami #casatuacucina #pasta #eueela❤️


This restaurant is located in the heart of Brickell, it has everything you want, Meats, Seafood, Salad Bar, Bakery, Bar, Desserts and more... but not everything is good. On this occasion I decided to go simple by having a Fettuccini Pasta. The price is good for pasta, bakery and salad. When it comes to meat and seafood is very expensive. The staff is very friendly but the concept of the restaurant is unique (not for everyone). I would recommend you to go and try it, then comment below if you liked it or no 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 @casatuacucina #fettuccini #pomodoro #cheese #likeforlikes #food #foodie #foodies #italian #pasta #followforfollow #cucine #cuisine #kitchen #restaurant




being trendy in MIA #casatuamiami


Um amor chamado #pizza


4 practices for chronic apologizers and people pleasers:⁣

•Give yourself permission to experience any emotion and let the people important to you know what you’re feeling. This is a double decker hard one! No matter how silly it seems, your feelings are valid and you’re allowed to feel the way you feel. It’s also crucial for those around you to know how you feel to maintain a healthy relationship. So no more passive aggressive, “Nope I’m FINE!” No one wins that game, honesty is important here.⁣

•Get comfortable with the uncomfortable S’s: Silence and Saying no. Our culture thinks silence is awkward so we avoid pausing to check in and think about if the request is reasonable before we respond. This is one of the first skills we learn as therapists so I know how uncomfortable it is but we can get a lot of clarity in that moment or two to decide how to proceed rather than filling the space with an automatic yes.⁣

•Saying no: it’s hard to feel that sudden flood of emotion when you say it but it usually outweighs built up anger and resentment or the future meltdown when you’re on your last straw.⁣
-‘No’ is a full sentence.⁣
-‘No, I can’t’ is also a full sentence.⁣
-‘No, but what do you think of _____’ (if you really can and want to give an alternative)⁣

•Ask for more time. Unless you’re on a game show you don’t have to have all the answers lickity split. ⁣
-‘Let me get back to you on that⁣.’
-‘That’s a great question, I’ll need to think on that/research it and get back to you.’⁣
-‘That’s a tough one! I’ll need some time to come to a final decision, I’ll call you tomorrow.⁣’

•You never have to apologize for eating pizza in bed. Or anything food related. Unless you ate someone’s food without asking. That’s messed up.



Praise Him,
When you're heart is breaking,
When you're strength is almost gone,
Sing out you're song and,
Praise Him, in the fire and fury,
In the dark night of you're soul,
You're God is in control.
You're tears will dry, you're heart will mend,
You're scars will heal and you will dance again. -
Thank you amigas las quiero.


Perfect spot for a healthy, delicious and quick lunch @casatuacucina #brickellcitycentre


Feliz cumple Danny!



The greenest pesto 🌱 🤤 @casatuacucina