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⁣credit : video edited by @wellfinityanimations
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Freezing fun at Chiswick Park today photographing the new footbridge for @useful_studio. I intended to post a different (better) phone pic than this one, but all my shivering made it blurry! There should be a filter for that ☺️❄️ #architecturalphotographer #chiswickpark #bridge #cortensteel #usefulstudio


در شبی که فردایش آسمان لندن، برفی شد. برفی که آنقدر کم بود که آدم نشد.


Down time!🙏 Don’t think about ‘Blue Monday’, do yoga and don’t think at all ✌️


They built a new #bridge
I got over it


Just walked across the fab new Rogers Stirk Harbour triple arched footbridge at Chiswick Business Park. Well lit and great detailing #rogersstirkharbour #chiswickbusinesspark #enjoywork #corten


The ability to get your work-life balance right is a skill we all need to develop. I have certainly gone too far in both directions in the past but it’s a struggle we all deal with.
One of the most important aspects of the architects role is to help create a place of work that makes the struggle to find the correct work-life balance that little bit easier.
It’s not an easy thing to articulate let alone get right but I do think Chiswick Park came very close to getting it spot on 👌🏼


The central lake is a lovely feature in Chiswick Park. In East Point the layout is quite different and we have 2 pond areas separated by several buildings.
Did you know the ponds/lakes often double up as reservoirs for fire fighting...?
I’m glad I wrapped up well today. That blue sky is quite deceptive - it was bloody cold I can tell you!


These are called meeting pods. They can be reserved online, they seat about 6, they come with heater, wifi and a door. -
I found an empty one, locked myself inside and recorded another video for my new YouTube channel - PropTech TV - you can check it out in my bio.


It’s like a big Meccano set! 👌🏼


Notwithstanding my obsession with #technology and #gadgets and #proptech I just love when they are combined with a healthy dose of wildlife 🌱🐠🦆


Travel day: in London for a day or two on a work assignment and couldn’t leave without a short visit to Chiswick Park. My sincere thanks to Charlotte Fougères for taking the time to meet me today 🙏🏼
I have to say I was so impressed with Chiswick Park. The CP management team have done an amazing job and I took dozens of photos and page after page of notes on ways I would like to improve @eastpointdublin over the next 2-3 years. -
Comparing yourself with your peers, also knows as benchmarking, is an important part of keeping yourself or your assets in check. If you don’t schedule a benchmark review every now and then you can easily fall into bad habits and not realise you’ve slipped off the path until it’s too late.
#ABI #AlwaysBeImproving


A team selfie at the end of the first session of “Master PTs in the making”, a 10-week development group for Trainers looking to develop themselves and progress their careers in fitness. The 10 weeks is made up of various workshops I have designed to help my team build confidence, develop skills and know how and when to apply it to personal training programmes for their clients. My aim is for each and every one of these Trainers to understand more about what they need to do to become a Master Trainer, and to be one step closer to feeling “Master Trainer ready”. Week 1 was on the components of a RAMP warm up, how to deliver with pace and how to make it fun. The guys and gals came up with some great stuff and I cannot wait to get stuck into the rest of this course!! #team #training #personaltrainer #knowledge #sharingiscaring #virginactive #strengthandconditioning #mastertrainer @virginactiveuk @flor.zappulla @maximum_edrenalin_pt @mbwellcoaching


Leaving work
#clearsky #enjoywork


Chiswick Business Park has just opened a lovely new pedestrian footbridge. #pedestrianbridge #pedestrian #bridge #architecture #architecturephotography #photography #blue #bluesky #walk #london #graphic #lookup #buildings


We recently provided replacement fabric covers and motors to exterior awnings on this unit at Chiswick Park. External awnings are very effective at controlling the effects of solar heat gain, especially in buildings like this which are mainly glass, by blocking solar energy before it hits a building's glazing and reducing the 'greenhouse effect'.