Daikaya - Ramen - Izakaya

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cacio é pepe udon (with pecorino cheese)
cheese factor: 7/10
pasta factor: 6/10
cheese to pasta ratio: 5/10
creaminess: 10/10
flavor: 8/10
overall rating: 7/10
tastes like happy chaos. and pretension.

Daikaya - Ramen - Izakaya

Hello... it’s me ... I’ve got some miso with a spice bomb and it’s sitting right in front of me. #eatz #adele

Daikaya - Ramen - Izakaya

Make your way to Izakaya 🏮 this weekend for the vibrant musical beats of our ministers of sound @mr_bonkerz (Matthew Lipsit) and Adrian Collazo (@djadriancollazo) to complement your dining experience. Tonight (Friday), Matthew is “Keeping It Smooth" with An Evening of R&B + Pop Music. On Saturday evening, Adrian shares the Sounds of 1970's NYC: Boogie, Disco & Beyond. 7 to 11 pm both nights. #daikayadc #smooth #groove #dcnightlife

Daikaya - Ramen - Izakaya