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Do you want a Five Marys dry-aged steak to arrive on your doorstep this week!? Our Farm Store shelves are STOCKED full of almost every cut and customer favorites are back in stock.
We harvested 24 beef last month and after extended dry aging they are cut, wrapped beautifully and ready to put in a Five Marys box with dry ice (and a note from the girls!) and send to your doorstep!
Flank steaks, tri-tip, skirt steaks, rib eyes, flatirons, t-bones, porterhouse, NY, Filet Mignon and TOMAHAWKS... all the best cuts!
Some sell out fast so order soon. We are shipping tomorrow until noon for overnight delivery, all orders after that will go out Monday. But you can have Five Marys steaks like these 2 pound tomahawks on your table Thursday if you order soon!
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It was a year ago that Tiny Tess and the bunkhouse were featured and on the cover of Flea Market Style magazine! It was so fun to see this spread on shelves at real life stores and the bunkhouse photographed in all it’s vintage glory by @kathryngamblephoto and @ricklozierphoto for @fleamarketstyle
The bunkhouse was built in 1868 by the Sharp family who owned this each for well over 100 years. They raised 10 children here! When we moved to the ranch, we decided the smaller “ranch hand” cabin (that used to be dairy storage and then a chicken coop!) was easier to live in for our family with a more open floor plan and easier to heat in winter. The bunkhouse is great for guests and interns and washing eggs and overflow from our cozy little house! Our goal is to preserve it as much as possible since it’s mostly in original condition to the 1800’s with the exception of a kitchen and bathroom added on the back. Someday we might build a bigger house but the bunkhouse will always be a vintage gem on this ranch!
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Keeping it simple in the country 🌾✨ Sonnenglas is durable portable solar lighting that radiates sunshine & rustic charm! A thoughtful gift for anyone living the rural or rural-inspired life 💕


We still can’t believe we hit a big milestone last week... 10,000+ orders of Five Marys meats shipped out to families all over the US right from our ranch and farm shop. It means so much to us to get to raise our beef, pork and lamb the right way, for a premium product and to get to know the customers who enjoy our products so much.
The repeat orders and shared box arrival or meals and notes that tell us it’s “hands down the best meat you’ve ever tasted” make every early morning and late night so worth it.
We’re picking FIVE winners to get a box of Five Marys meats valued at $200 tomorrow to thank you!
Details on the post a few rows back of all of us on a four-wheeler... tag a friend on that post with a comment about why you follow Five Marys until midnight tonight and winners will be posted tomorrow with a box of meats on it’s way!
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Home sweet home and pretty happy about it. ♥️✨


Wishing 3 out of 4 of these little ladies good luck today and tomorrow showing their steers at the Siskiyou County Fair!
It’s been fun to help them this summer to get their steers ready for the fair and I know they’ll rock the show and all their hard work will pay off!
Two pieces of advice: keep the steers’ heads high and act like your the boss of those 1300 lbs animals!


Holy smokes! Thanks to YOU, we just hit our 10,000th order of Five Marys product from this ranch. This feels like a pretty big milestone and thinking back on the last three years since we started shipping our beef, pork and lamb - there have been so many hurdles and trials and hard days, but even more proud moments and happy days.
And sharing them all with you is a lot of fun! The support from this Instagram community is pretty amazing on the hard days and the great days and everything in between.
Seeing orders come in everyday and shipping boxes of our meats raised right here on this ranch by our family to share with your families is really one of the best parts... so THANK YOU. From all of us at Five Marys!
To celebrate and say thank you... we want to share FIVE boxes of Five Marys meats and goodies ($200 value each!) with FIVE of you! Just tag a friend who doesn’t already follow us below, with a comment about why you think they’d like to follow along with us at @fivemarysfarms too.
Tag as many friends as you’d like, but each comment is an entry so tag one friend with each comment. We’ll pick 5 winners at random on Monday!
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I think we all forgot to teach Tess to ride a two-wheeler bike, but at the family reunion she saw her cousins riding, jumped on and didn’t look back. We had this little John Deere bike we got at the farm bureau auction and it’s her new favorite thing.
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Chore beers and moving cows and feeding pigs tonight - gotta soak it all in before we jump into fair and Brian has to do most of them without me!
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We entered the pallet creation competition for the fair but entries are due today! We pulled out some pellets in decent shape and some paint and screws... the end results are yet to be determined but creativity and pallets is an easy combo! Francie wanted to make another loft bed but the footprint is too big for the rulebook guidelines.
Hopefully we’ll make the 5pm deadline to get whatever it is they make over to the fairgrounds! (and that’s Emma our new intern helping today, she’s awesome!)
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Ever heard of a “cuddle puddle”? This might be the definition of one. I remember getting up to do chores one morning and going out to find these piggies still cuddled up from the night before. Doesn’t get much cuter than this 🐽😍


The girls are getting ready for their last showmanship practice with their steers at our neighbors arena before the fair! I can’t believe it’s already fair time, but we are all excited for a week at the fairgrounds (the girls and I camp out there so we can care for the animals from sun up to sun down while Brian comes back and forth to take care of all the other ones here on the ranch!)
The three big girls each have a steer they are showing and Tess was going to take Buddy our Bottle Baby, but he’s SUCH a stinker from being so spoiled he’s just too much for her to handle! She’s entered to take a lamb for pee-wee showmanship but we’ll see how it goes.
But don’t worry - Buddy is still quite happy out on pasture with all the other calves! He still comes up to find us for a nuzzle but likes to sneak in a head-butt to knock you down flat too.
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I’m proud of how hard my girls work on the ranch, but there was a learning curve for all of us when we moved here four years ago.
I wrote an ebook called “They Can Do It. What I Learned About Raising Kids by Moving to the Country.” that tells a little of our story and the decision and process of moving to the ranch. I also write about the changes I saw in the girls when we had to raise our expectations of their capabilities because we needed them to help on the ranch, to feed and care for animals, to help with their sisters, help around the house and do more to take care of their own needs. I learned a lot about my parenting and I realized just how capable, responsible and independent my girls could be.
The link for my ebook is in my profile or swipe up in my stories right now (under ‘books & recipes’ at and on sale for a summer read at $14 just until next week.
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The lambs and the rams and the momma sheep all stayed where they were supposed to last night - thanks to these girls! Pretty nice to wake up and not have to sort 555 sheep again. 😊
We kept two of the littlest ones (Top Hat and Willy) in a pen by the house and yesterday when Brian came in to tell us they all got out and we had to start over, Francie jumped up and said - “well, on the bright side we only have 553 to sort... Top Hat and Willy are still in the pen!”
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After sorting 550 sheep yesterday to separate the mommas from the grown lambs, we woke up this morning to a break in the fence line and all the sheep mixed back up together again. It was more than a little demoralizing! But such is ranch life and fences break and you just put your boots back on and do it all over again.
We just had to physically sort them (not ear tag or vaccinate) so it went s lot faster but I took this photo feeling a little guilty as I drove away to the Farm Store to start packing orders - leaving Brian and the big girls working on it. They got it done and we are checking and double-checking fences every few hours today!
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Man of the hour.


What a day! We had a fantastic crew to work sheep today - getting every single lamb, ewe and ram in the barn and through the chutes.
We bring them in to check their horns and feet to see if anybody needs a trim (sometimes their horns can curl in and grow into their eyes so we trim them!) and give them their yearly vaccinations and ear tag the lambs born this year. Males get a red tag in their left ear and females get an orange tag in their right ear (because girls are always right 😜). Then the lambs get separated from the ewes since it’s time to wean them (many have already naturally weaned since they have horns now and their mothers aren’t ok with that!) so we separate the lambs and rams from the ewes into two groups.
We worked 555 sheep through the chutes today, each one looked at individually and vaccinated and whatever else it might have needed attended to. It was a lot of work! But we had Brian and me and Francie and Maisie, Johnny, Hailey, Hannah (her last day!), Emma (her first day!) and Abby and her Dad Drew who showed up to help too (Libby’s sister and Dad).
The two littlest end of season babies in arms here are old enough to wean but we are keeping them by the house for now for a little extra attention to make sure they transition ok. Everyone else is back out on pasture and looking pretty good and we’re hitting a hard earned lunch at the Burgerhouse!


We’re saying goodbye to our summer intern Hannah tonight - we’ve been so lucky to have her here since May!
She wrote us a letter last year asking to come intern for the summer from Nebraska and even though we weren’t really looking - she was a great fit to help out on the ranch and at the shop and learn a little about what we do to take home to her own ranching operation @oakbarnbeef, so we said yes!
She’s been a huge help fulfilling orders in the shop, helping the girls with their 4H steers (she showed beef cattle every year herself!), collecting eggs and little of everything in between.
She’s a super dynamic and capable young lady and a fantastic role model for our girls. We will miss you Hannah but wish you so much luck in your very bright future!
And fortuitously, a new intern wrote to us last month about a position this school year and just arrived this morning, we’ll introduce Emma to you - but tonight we’ll cheers to Hannah and our summer guest chef Jenna from the restaurant who’s also been living in the bunkhouse with us this summer too - bittersweet to wish these awesome gals goodbye as they set off in their next adventures!
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These girls got themselves all showered, hair braided, dressed and ready for their big performance at the Rodeo today! They are going to catch their horses and head over to the rodeo grounds for practice before the Grand Entry at 5pm. Going to be a rocking night at rodeo!
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Francie got some steer work in this morning before a big day of rodeo! Her steer, Archibald, is doing really well with a halter and getting walked and washed and brushed. Fair starts the August 8 but she’s feeling ready and getting excited! (Francie explained a little more about the auction/buyer process in my story)
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Last summer at Five Marys Farms on our maiden voyage from San Diego to Washington State. We had the best time playing in the dirt. Can we come back soon @fivemarysfarms?? 😊


Tess was crying and having a hard time last night because she wasn’t allowed to go with Brian and I to do late night chores in the dark (she hadn’t finished unpacking her suitcase) - so she finished her chore while we were working and asked if she could go work with Brian in the morning.
She slept at the foot of our bed and got up bright and early (well dark, but early!) to go out with him.
She put on her piggie costume and two mismatched socks and her new Keens and was ready to go! Brian texted me this picture of her in the corrals while I was still in bed and I was cracking up.
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Family dinner at sundown 🍴✨ Sonnenglas looks so at home on Mary’s wholesome ranch in the California countryside! 🌾


Our Randolph Morris Cora Cast Iron Sink is perfect for outdoor kitchens like the one on Five Marys Farms ranch in Fort Jones, CA. | 📸 #regram: @fivemarysfarms
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