Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

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#FarewellTourOfGVL begins. Before I moved to Greenville 10 years ago, I took a few trips down. And I always found this statue at GSP to be so hopeful. Back then, GSP was a smaller airport with only coffee shop. Now it’s grown to a Wolfgang Puck restaurant, breweries and a Benefit Cosmetics vending machine (I mean hello?!?!? 😂) And it’s really freaking pretty! So as we begin our trek out of town, I’m looking back on what things were and what they are now. It’s been a long 10 years. A lot has happened. So here goes...


I will have been at the Greenville-Spartanburg airport 8 hours before my flight finally leaves. I’ve got a change of clothes and a towel in my carry-on. I wonder if it constitutes “suspicious behavior” if I just go swimming in the pool with fountains? I have already done some stretching and walked the airport multiple times. Had breakfast and lunch. Meditation. Why not swimming too? (I don’t see any no swimming signs.)


Uber by Sheila 🚗 Delivered parents week before last for Alaska trip departure & picked them upon arrival this morning. They were missed by all. ❤️🤗


@homedecgal made a lovely send off breakfast this morning. I got those biscuits! 😅

I will miss all of you AND your cooking! Til next time! 💕

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See you Thursday morning #southcarolina xc/Tf/running community. How’s summer training and meets? Off to @flosports for @milesplit convention #schstf #schsxc #milesplit #goodmorning




Nice way to travel


Thank you for more amazing memories, South Carolina!! This Z party of 4 is heading back home to see daddy and we can’t wait!! I’ll try to spare you the after picture once we finish our 15 hour journey😂

It’s never easy to say goodbye but we are so thankful for the good times we have had over the last 2 and a half weeks 💕 can’t wait to go through all our pictures. Stay tuned!!


On my way to London.... What do you say to your love one when you leave them?
Would you say: “I’ll miss you” or “I love you”

I would say both... but again I might even say: “I started missing you when I was packing”
In French, we don’t say “I miss you”.
We say “tu me manques “, which means, You are missing from me.... I like that better..!! 💝


today i shopped at the benefit browbar in the greenville international airport for the first time! it was really cool.


My trusty travel companion. Such grace, such style. #peanutteeth #mcmastermony #37weekspregnantonaplane


Cheap, fast, vegan options. Thanks @chickfila


Airport art


What an adventure the past 24 hours...... so glad to be back @yeah_that_greenville @lovewhereyoulive @onlyonespartanburg #spartanburg #nomoreairports


headed home from the mountains and so excited to see this puppy and my 2 others !!


Airport ready! -AB