Hydra, Greece

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This lavish route is the boutique festival catering to all tastes. Dare to indulge this summer and go mid-pace in Greece 🌴🤙

Hydra, Greece

once upon a time, to be purple was a crime and the colors conspired together to banish him away forever || without rhyme or reason, they endeavored a clever plan and promised to execute it perfectly, no matter the season || after building a ship, they coerced him to the shore thinking this will be the last time we will see him after he is sent out to the sea || suffering for some time for a severely unjust crime, another ship sailed by and heard his horrid cry || the King brought him on board and was floored by purple’s majesty, so he advised his sailors to undo this travesty || each and every color has their own special story but today’s poem is all about purple’s glory || did you ever wonder how he became the color of royalty? well now you know this special tale in its entirety. #thecolorpurple #purpleflowers #instapoems #poetrycommunity #poemsforthesoul #hydraisland #opa #noroomforhate #royality #purplefairytale #missinggreece #writinglife #livelifelove

Hydra, Greece