Köln Bonn Airport

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Po tylu godzinach, zmęczony człowiek gorzej myśli, wiec dziś zdjęcie mojego ulubionego zegarka ❤️😍 #watch #clock #handwatch #iphone7 #case #polishgirl #polskadziewczyna #holidays #airport #wakacje #mvmt #mvmtwatches #mvmtwatch @mvmtwatch @mvmt


Sorry if I’m being repetitive here, I got a lot of questions recently about people who are scared of turbulence. 🌀🌀🌀
The answer is no I’m not scared of turbulence 😄 In my 3400 h flying career as a First Officer I’ve experienced severe turbulence just once, moderate and light turbulence almost on daily bases. Most turbulence is harmless and aircraft are designed to sustain a highly amount of punishment! So in short Turbulence is not visible, so you cannot change your heading to fly around it, we report turbulence to the controller of that area, and we try to climb or descent above or below it, (it is as discomforting for you as it is for us and we like our shirts better without coffee spills on them) most of the time we also decrease our speed to increase our safety margin, but that's a bit too much technical stuff l guess... With hot weather, inversions (temperature increase with altitude), mountains (mountain waves) you can expect Turbulence for sure... flying around (or through) clouds can cause Turbulence and flying near Jet-streams (wind changes) can cause Turbulence also flying too close behind big(ger) aircraft can cause (wake)Turbulence I hope this clarifies it a bit. Tip: don't sit all the way in the back and always keep your seatbelt fasten! (Fyi my own seatbelt is fasten during the entire flight, we just unfasten our shoulder straps)
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Şu an itibarıyla benim Sezon açıldı 🔆✌️......koltuğa yaslandım, elimde bir kahve ☕️ #justintimberlake 🎧dinliyor ve insanları izliyorum, uçağın kalkmasına daha 45dk ✈️ var bunlar niye itiş kakış anlamadım gitti ! her zamankisi gibi en son giren ben olacağım rahat rahat herkes uçakta yerini aldıktan sonra, sıra bitikten sonra kalkıp salana salana sıra beklemeden girip cam kenarına oturup hooop İstanbul’a 🇹🇷 sıradakiler çok mutsuz stresli, tatile gidiyorsunuz gülümseyin yahu 🙂🙃🙂 bakın bana ben çok mutluyum 😃


gotta catch my flight 🛫 #travel #concert #withmygirl #byeeeeee


Awaiting our flight from Germany to Danmark! #lifeadvetures #imreadytogohome #iwillflybymyownwings


Köln Bonn....


Sono in Germania a Colonia per un EV Training presso #mennekes specifico sulle stazioni di ricarica per #autoelettriche.


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