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Looking back....
•••It Wasn't Meant to Happen••• No one could have known all the stars hidden in her eyes
For she kept those close without mercy to her hardened soul
Giving in meant a long life of heart broken goodbyes
Full of the regrets and losses that only she'll ever know

Without ever looking ahead at the disaster to come
There's only time for the memories that slowly fade away
As the pain starts to focus only on what was done
Feeling her loss while touching the scars that have decided to stay

The longing of what she had stripped burned to her core
Leaving only a shallow empty silluette that was once complete
Holding on to what may be left from a life that was no more
Only to turn away as not to show them the fear of defeat
Letting go of those once forbidden dreams never to surface again
Without peeling back those forever layers of dying doubt
She'll walk alone conjuring the after fact of being slowly broken
Realizing with every painful stride there's no easy way out

Everyday bringing back the painful memories that won't disappear
Only able to hope for a glimpse of what's buried deep within
Taking hold of what strength is left and pulling it near
Forgiving that of what keeps her from not giving in

Behind those hardened eyes holds back devastating disaster
The world was ripped out from beneath all that was mine
Lying in wake begging for all that's real losing forever after
For her dreams and hopes are shattered with nothing left behind
Only something so fragile there's nothing left unbroken
This Wasn't Meant To Happen

Layer by layer they peel back the years of betrayal and lies
Leaving the terror of only what long ago was deeply forgotten
Bounding her down over and over again smothering her cries
Grasping within the strength to let go only again to be broken
This Wasn't Meant To Happen MLM #throwback #longhairdontcare #flashdance #dance


I love our adventures and all the ice-cream we eat 🍦