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Come on over to make art para la #marchademujeres este Sábado! #santaanawomensmarch #indigenouswomen #indigenousfamilies #represent


This just made my day. Teacher moment😊
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SAVE YOUR PICS . That’s how I play 2009/2019 . EXCUSE ME #2009vs2019 #bitchmoney #bitchbetterhavemymoney


Doing this on @filthy.corrin.main


My 2018 Reel🎬
S/O all the artists that trusted my vision and made some legendary videos with me.
Gonna kill 2019 with more and more content.
Link to the full reel in my bio!
Beat prod. By @danieljamezzz


Don’t forget about the #telecaster #build


Wide view


I got hammered this past weekend--find out how that affected my life.

A little bit of a backstory, I went out with some my closest friends to celebrate my birthday.

We got a little section with bottle service and went with Ciroq and Hennessy.

As the night winded down I went and got a burger from jack in the box with a soda and fries.

The next day I was so tired and had a lot of errands to run, so I only slept 4 hours.
Throughout the day I had no appetite to eat. That day I may have ended with only 20 grams of protein.

This was probably the worst my nutrition has ever been in 7 years.

And that following Monday, I felt the effects... I untracked 225 lbs on the squats and it felt like 400 lbs. The weight of the bar felt like it was about to crush my spine, I had no energy, and my body was extremely achy.

Even my workout shirt that’s always tight around my arms didn’t snug as much.

Regardless of how much water I drank, I still felt dehydrated.

My mind would try to tell my muscles to do something and the reactions would be very slow.

After arriving home I hit a huge wall and my energy plummeted.
And then it hit me—-this is why most people don’t make gains.

You drink so much one Saturday that you wake up drained on Sunday, and that carries over onto Monday.

If you don’t act quick and change this behavior it can even roll over onto the rest of the week.

That day I aimed to eat 200 grams of protein and only fruits, veggies, and high fiber sources. I drank a gallon of water, took my vitamins, and ensured I got 10 hours of sleep.

I write this on a Tuesday to tell you that I now am starting to feel better.

It may sound like I’m exaggerated things a bit, but I know my body very well. For 7 years I’ve always taken very good care of myself and even when I go out to drink, I usually still control other factors.

Am I saying don’t drink?
What I’m saying is that you should have these crazy nights in moderation.

It’s okay to enjoy life, but just make sure you’re not partying too much to the point it starts to negatively impact your life.

P.S. I'm never drinking again.

P.P.S. Maybe until my next birthday.


👣 as I continue to take my journey to find myself and achieve inner peace and serenity, I am constantly reminding myself that I can’t keep putting “friends” needs & wants above my own. this is difficult for me, as I have always done this & beat myself up and feel like a bad friend if I can’t help. but for the first time in my life I am making a conscious effort to not only recognize it as it’s happening, but remind myself that it isn’t healthy for me to help others if I can’t even help myself. I am an extremely loyal person, with a few mistakes here & there, but I stand by my friends & I love so fiercely that I believe I only prolong my own suffering. to reach my goals I HAVE NO CHOICE but to have complete tunnel vision on my own goals and needs. but to those that matter a great deal to me, I will always stand by you, and always be there for emotional support. love y’all 👑🦋🌻✨🌈 •
EDIT: when I said “friends” I was speaking on the parasitic people in my life. doing my best to drain the swamp and cut toxic people. so in this instance I am speaking of people who will take everything they can get for me, knowing I am a naturally generous & kind person, yet when I need help or emotional support, they’re no where to be found. #thankunext ✂️✂️✂️

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2ème box @hellofresh 🇫🇷Côtelettes de porc panées , pain à l’ail et salade de roquette, pommes, céleri et graines de tournesol.
🇺🇸Breaded pork cutlets, garlic bread and apple and sunflower seed arugula salad. 🇫🇷”Pizza “ au boeuf façon taco
🇺🇸Beef taco Flatbread 🇫🇷Poulet à l’abricot, haricot verts et pomme de terre 🇺🇸Apricot chicken, green beans and potatoes

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My picture is cute and awesome


1/10 of a small collection for my solo show. Me and my boy Need caught a bunch of fat outlines on trucks that night. Good times

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Wahe Wear Logo;
The “W”(WaheWear) right side up and also upside down, it represents the polarity of light and dark. As above so below. The circle ⭕️ represents the unity of humanity also union means “yoga”. The union with mind, body, and soul. Following with 3 stripes on each side to give it balance and symmetry. The 3 stripes represents the creator/God/universe the divine creative energy that has been , is, and forever will be. The past, the present and the future. The holy trinity. Last but not least, the eye on top which represents the energy center within our bodies that is responsible for intuition, imagination, thought, and self-awareness. , 6th chakra (Ajna). Sat Nam
Wahe Guru 🙏👁
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Telling yourself “you are enough” will only sustain itself for so long. Looking inward to find strength, adequacy, or purpose is something I’ve found to be a pretty common practice and honestly sometimes it’s the easier choice. The problem is it’s flawed.

We are all imperfect no matter how much we choose to think positively or how hard we attempt to view ourselves in a better light. The statement “you are enough” only starts to become reality when you stop looking for it inside yourself and start finding it in someone else. There’s one perfect person that longs to tell you who He is and who you are. It’s through Him that you come to know what it is to be enough. It’s His words that will in fact always be enough!!

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