Symphony Hall, Springfield

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All that graduation shit, plus tax #1.13


Didn’t drop out after all the times I said I would🎓


Introducing you to my favorite Sabis Alumni💕


My little bug




thnks fr th mmrs


Omg u graduated it seems like it went by so quick. I’m so proud of u even tho u piss me off sometimes u will always be my older sister, that doesn’t mean u can’t catch these hands when u act up lol but, I can’t wait to see how far u go remember to follow ur dreams and don’t let anyone hold u back I love u bum congratulations. ❤️❤️ #2018 #senior #family #graduation


was a good girl, watch me turn diva


WOW! Honestly there are not enough words to express how incredibly PROUD I am of this young man. Straight A’s throughout majority of his academic career thus far, to having one of the toughest personal tragedies struck a month shy from this momentous occasion and still shining like the scholar he always is. Riah (You will always be my little chubskins no matter how old you get!) Your future is so damn bright, and with that in mind I have no fears for you, because I know you will rise above any other obstacles grown your way. I love you with all my heart baby cousin. CONGRATULATIONS TO URIAH XAVIER ROWE AND THE REST OF THE CLASS OF 2018!! 🎓 Wooohooooo!!


If you can’t handle the heat get out of the mahogany room


i had the time of my life with you #longlive


Gone in the blink of an eye...🕰#classof2018


Didn’t trip on stage! 🙏🏼 #weout


we made it out alive 😭


gonna miss my loves next year:((


CONGRATS ON GRADUATION!! 🎓🎉 and for not tripping on stage like I thought you would. proud of the man you’ve become and looking forward to seeing everything you’re going to accomplish! Always dream big and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, can’t wait to have you closer to Boston this fall!