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Had the most incredible, uplifting day with reiki master @kelseyjpatel taking her level 1 reiki certification. I’ve committed to 30 days of practicing reiki on myself and a few volunteers. Can’t wait to share my journey with you! ❤️🙌✨🌕


Today Dr. Naomi Arbit and I are filming for @quietthenoisenyc online course! Over the past 9 months we have provided 2 hour workshops on mindful eating and self compassion. Each time, the crowd wanted more. We are providing more. More tools. More meditations. More exercises. Truly TEACHING what mindful eating and self compassion means to us. I am so so excited to share this content with you guys later in 2018! Xx ♥️, LiLi. ps: dr. Naomi will be hosting an 8 week deep dive Self compassion course in NYC and available virtually starting in March. Info linked in bio!


Last week I got the pleasure 😍of meeting the founders of @liveOWYN, the new plant based protein drink that is taking the wellness world by storm. I am pleased to report they are just as solid and transparent as the product they put out💁‍♀️. OWYN stands for “only what you need” and the ingredients are just that- pea protein, healthy fat from flax (great for post exercise inflammation), plus probiotics and greens. Be on the look for OWYN in 2018- big things coming! Link in bio to read the blog I shared on OWYN’s website on what “only what you need" means to me Xx, Lisa #sponsored


Saturday’s are for Breakfast Burritos 🤤and anyone that tells you otherwise doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Obviously, you should eat them too 🤣🤣this plant based one from @euphebenyc . @euphebenyc is a plant based delivery service that is results driven. They’re working with hospitals and conducting research to find out how effective eating more plants really is. you can sign up for 1 week of meals or for a month. Code: Lisa35 for $35 off. From now until February 1 when you sign up you get 2 weeks free to @risebywe an amazing new gym in downtown NYC ♥️💫I’m really excited for the future of this company. It’s delicious, comes frozen (less waste!) doesn’t care if you’re he’s core vegan or just want delicious healthy food, and is backed by the most wonderful of humans 💫✨
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I spent lots of December working on a meal prep series for @equinox that is finally out 💫! Each week, @furthermore publishes 5 of my breakfast recipes that can all be prepped on Sunday. Best part: ✨they are all plant based, always 5 ingredients or less, and can all be done in under and hour! 🙏Shoo bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom 🤪! This week is all jarred meals that are delish ! I’ll link in stories now. Happy Tuesday! ♥️ #FMMealprep
#mealprep #easymealprep #plantbased #plantbasedeats #healthyfood #realfood #mindfuleating #registereddietitian


Good morning! At 10 am, we begin our first Quiet the Noise Course 🙏🙏 of the year at TWN HQ in NYC- this one has a special focus on self compassion and value discovery 💫 We also have participants from all over the country joining us virtually- and many who have registered to do this course on their own time. Yay for technology 💁‍♀️We’ll be streaming the first 30 minutes on my IG LIVE at 10 AM. If you find this type of work speaks to you, the 5 hour course + the intensive workbook will be available for purchase on our site this week. Naomi and I put a lot of love into this one, and we’re really excited to start the new year from this grounding place! ♥️♥️
AND IF YOU’RE HOME THESE BLENDER Banana chocolate chip muffins are a MUST 🤤🤤5 INGREDIENTS go into a blender: 1 cup raw oats, 2 large bananas, 2 eggs, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp baking powder. 1/2 cup Chocolate chips are OPTIONAL to add in post blend but sort of not. You need em 🤷‍♀️ Preheat to 350 degrees F. Pour blended batter into muffin tins and bake for 15-20. Happy Saturday! Xx, LiLi

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Super exciting announcement 💫new year, new solutions course will now be offered LIVE VIRTUALLY 💆‍♀️same day and time as the in person course in NYC on January 6th. You asked. We listened !! You can join us from anywhere! We also have Special discounts available til January 2nd. Our goal is to help those in need, and TBH we all need this kind of help and community support. Even me💁‍♀️. We will dive into break through barriers, motivating via self compassion, and experience mindful eating as it pertains to YOU. This is an all day course that will leave you feeling uplifted, grounded, and free from inner chaos and stress the new year brings ♥️LINK IN BIO to learn more, sign up. Don’t forget to use those discount codes before it’s too late !!! I’ll post this recipe for this smoothie bowl on story now for those asking 🤤 happpy happy Last thursday of the year ! #eatrealbemindful #smoothiebowl #selfcompassion #mindfuleating #mindfulness


💠Spending the day staring at my new business cards to match our new office space @thewellnecessities !! Obsessed with the awesome design by @eyearonica 👩🏻‍🎨[Graphic designer, photographer, artist —— DM her for inquiries!]💠


Dat Vegan apple pie off that @wholefoodsnyc holiday menu ☝🏻🙋🤗 last night was a dream that I promise to shut up talking about soon. Im just trying to stop and savor how incredibly lucky I am that I got such a solid group of open authentic strong people. each of them went around the room and were instructed to say just a little bit about themselves- name what they do yada yada yada. But instead, they went deeper. To a room of strangers they proudly shared their past and current struggles. I’m humbled and amazed at the quality of humans in the world, or my world at least. All I‎t takes is ONE vulnerable person to break a room down and you can be that person! Excited for our Instagram LIVE tonight at 8pm EST If you struggle with the holidays please join in! details on the story! Xx ❤️, LiLi #eatrealbemindful #sponsored


Hi my loves! 😍😘 thanks everyone who has messaged me back from my story last night❤️. I cannot believe how lucky 🙏 I am to have found my corner of the internet of people who not only get me, but support me. Thank you all x a million. I love the conversations we start, and the way you leave me thinking with your views and opinions. THIS ✨blueberry Vanilla overnight oats ✨recipe is linked in bio. Perfect for these hot summer dayssss. Packed with protein and flavor, no added sugars. Get it while it's {cold} also SO into bloobzzzz right now. 😎 xx❤️LiLi #goodvibesamparty #eatrealbemindful


Making a Buddha Bowl 🙏⭐️🥙 to celebrate sample whole grains day! I used Freekeh which is one of my favorite low key grains because it tastes nutty 🌰 and has more protein and fiber than my pal quinoa (love u too quinoa buddy). It lies next to some broccoli, squash, and a whopping spoonful of tahini. Off to see my last 2 clients of the day!❤️xx LiLi. #samplewholegrains #eatrealbemindful


It's 〰️SPRANG 〰️but the only thing that 〰️SPRUNG 〰️is this ✨buffalo cauliFLOWER rice ✨into my mouth. Top with some avo and grated almond cheese. Ps. I am so impressed by everyone who has been tagging me in the #twnstrawpledge. I'll be reposting to story soon to show my love! Guys. We're Doin Thangs. ❤️


✨probiotic • detox • beet • coconut • yogurt✨ homemade, 5 ingredients, gut healthy, and contains 2 〰️natural 〰️detoxifying agents all while remaining dairy free. SO excited to partner with @lovebeets to bring you the raddest recipe eva! On the blog, link in bio. Hope everyone's Monday is greaaaat ❤️ #eatrealbemindful #partner


I know no other way to Monday 🍓🍫❤️ evan says that everyone should mediate once a day, and those that say they don't have time, should meditate twice a day 🤗. I started a 30 day meditation challenge with a group of strangers on instagram. Day one. Check plus. Despite the Monday chaos I found some space to breathe, refocus, and energize. Hope everyone has a great one !!! Xx LiLi #foods4thought #feedfeed


✨S L E E P✨ my close friends and family know this is my greatest life struggle. It's the one 〰️WELL necessity〰️that has wreaked havoc on my life since I was a child. While I still have a LONG way to go, I no longer rely on medications 💊 and have improved my sleep score 🛏️ by 20%. What's a sleep score? Good question. Head to the blog to learn about @eightsleep, the mattress technology that has changed my life. I'm explaining the sleep score breakdown, and the other perks of this gem (including but not limited too keeping Evans side warm 🔺, and mine cool🔷). Also a nice little discount for anyone who also sucks at sleep. link in bio. Off to see my lovely clients ❤️xx, semi well rested LiLi


😡new information just leaked that the sugar industry paid research to minimize the link about heart disease and sugar, and force blame on fat. On the blog, I gave you the quick synopsis of what went down, and how we can avoid going down the trap hole they sent us down. Warning: I'm an angry lady right now and this post make turn you into one too!! Link in bio. Share this info w friends and fam
📷: baked chocolate pb Apple which is added sugar free 💯👌🏼🤗


Sorry to brag for a sec🙋, but the ladies who are currently doing our first #getupcleanse are blowing me away on our very first day! We have cultivated such a committed group or strong ladies 👯who truly care about their bodies and minds, and have made the choice to eat real food 🍎un process their diet 🌽and mentally reset🙏🏻 // we included this blanched asparagus recipe in tonight's meal because blanching is the best and EASIEST way to cook veggies and preserve their nutrients (#amirite, @rachaelsgoodeats 😆) Can't wait for our first "morning motivation" live session in the am!! #eatrealbemindful


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