Vienna, Austria

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"He is her motherland in a foreign country."
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Vienna, Austria

Where I stand. #2
For me it is so wonderful to make music. It's deeply touching. And honest. And pure. Sometimes I love it so much and sometimes not at all. Too much thoughts, too much efforts for me. Sometimes the way seems so clear and so feel I. Sometimes it's a huge something where I am not able to look through. It's my passion but this turns sometimes in this perfect thing which can be sooo destructive.... maybe it's often like this in great heart projects or ideas or visions in yourself? The balance between wanting something so much and be focused on it with inner joy and peace and wanting it so much that everything is tight - that's a tiny walk....sometimes my voice. My mind. My body is not fully able to go with the flow
because everything is so strained....It is okay. Self acceptance is sometimes the hardest. Over all it is growing... so although I am not feeling it all the time or in moments like these right now I know that it's okay to have these feelings, I know that all is coming and everything is's a process. 🌱 So most important thing is trying to say hello to this badass feelings and go with them 👭❤️ #hello #neverstopexploring #neverstopdreaming #lifeunscripted #selfacceptance

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Vienna, Austria