Xclusive Ink Tattoos and Permanent Makeup

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Aztec themed sleeve I’m working on. Top is healed. Done with @starbritecolors @inkjetstencils @tatuderm from @tommyssupplies


“Music is the prayer the heart sings” thanks Irving for allowing me to create this piece for you. Would love to start doing more color. Done using @starbritecolors @inkjetstencils @tatuderm from @tommyssupplies


When Vanessa said To Wade: ‘Kiss me, like you miss me red’ I felt that 💀😂
Enjoyed doing this Deadpool yesterday, come get inked!!! #tattoo #tattoos #smalltattoos #deadpooltattoo #dynamicink #electrumstencilprimer


Come in and get yourself a tattoo today | Artist @j.p.xi


Did my clients portrait infused with a girls face. 😭😂 jk, thanks Ashley 🙏... done with @starbritecolors @inkjetstencils @tatuderm from @tommyssupplies #starbritecolors #inkjetstencils #xclusiveink #wolftattoo


Check out some $40 tattoos done by @thony_ink ... cone in today to get yours done!! Tag someone you would like to go with you!!!!! #xclusiveink #$40tattoospecial


Check out some $40 tattoos done by @j.p.xi and @inkedbynunidee ... stop by and get yours done!!


What a beautiful thigh tattoo done by Xclusive Ink artist @inkedbynunidee ... she is currently taking appointments. Call or DM us today!! #xclusiveink #thightattoo #tattoo


New Ink Alert 🚨🎏🎌...shoutout to @xclusiveink @j.p.xi for doing this tattoo for me...you’re the best! I love it!!!❤️ It was random, but due to all the bad luck I’ve been having this year I decided why not?! The koi fish 🎏 🎌 are symbols of good fortune ⭐️ and prosperity 🎐 and the name is well...if you know my children...they are my everything...my two good luck charms aka koi fish...🥰👦🏽👦🏾😘❤️❤️ #newyearnewvibes #goodvibesonly #peaceandprosperity #newink #tattoo #armink #fridayvibes #dayoff #nurselife #nurseproblems #koifishtattoo #japanesegirl #staypositive #goodfortune #mybabies ❤️👦🏽👦🏾👩🏼🥰🎏


Come and get tatted just... ya know...stay still please 😂😂😂 more skits to come | @xclusive_ink_xavier @favelafilms.mov @theboynamedlo @beyondxselfish


Lion and cub I did last week on my boy @josh.cruz.127 ... done with @starbritecolors @inkjetstencils @tatuderm from @tommyssupplies


WAS GETTIN YATTED THE OTHER DAY AND COULDNT KEEP STILL 😂😂 FT @xclusive_ink_xavier @beyondxselfish #tattoos #tattoo #worldstar


Damn I hate when my clients can’t keep still 😭😂😂😂... back in action with the man @favelafilms.mov ... this dude is so funny, i love working with him.. comment what you think about this skit 🙌🙌🙌... @beyondxselfish @favelafilms.mov @theboynamedlo


Done by Xclusive Ink artist @thony_ink


ARTIST WANTED!!! We’re looking for another artist to join our crew! Must have shop experience, we are not looking for an apprentice at this time. We have two busy shops, great working environment, spacious work stations, and so much more! Call, text or DM us today! (860)471-6263 tag an artist!


I love 99% of my clients, but there’s always that one 😭😂😂... having so much fun making these skits, hope you all enjoy as well. We have many more in the works... please share your comments below 🙏🙏 @beyondxselfish @jaimie_fox_bennett


Good energy always ✨💕 Good morning! (This is a little nook in my tattoo station @xclusiveink 🤓) have you gotten tatted yet?


Dialectics 1. The universe is filled with opposing sides/opposing forces.There is always more than one way to see a situation, & more than one way to solve a problem. Two things that seem like opposites can both be true. 2. Everything & every person is connected in some way. The waves & the ocean are one. The slightest move of the butterfly affects the furthest star. 3. change is the only constant.Meaning and truth evolve over time.Each moment is new; reality itself changes with each moment. 4. Change is transactional.What we do influences our environment & other people in it. The environment and other people influence us.


Clock and rose down by Xclusive Ink artist @j.p.xi


Did this a few days back on @tattarot_ink had a really fun with this piece. Call the shop to book your appointment!!!! #xclusiveink #xclusiveinktattoo #blackandgreytattoo #rosetattoo #clocktattoo #roseandclocktattoo #dynamicblackink #nikkohurtadoanchoredstencilsolution #helioneedles


Love is blind theme done yesterday on @jaimie_fox_bennett .. done using @starbritecolors Lunar grey wash set and a hint of @starbritecolors Tobacco Leaf ... also used @inkjetstencils and @tatuderm


We all have someone like this in our lives | @xclusive_ink_xavier @favelafilms.mov @theboynamedlo