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Taught friday night’s industry class at @monstersdance, and the young sis @ysabellecaps came thru real quick with the Ragu !! 🏴


#throwback How to selfie and still be present 😆🤳🏾🤳🏾🤳🏾🤳🏾. Jamming to one of the homie’s @kenzoalvares 🔥 tracks with @homebrosuk. Speaking of, y’all need to get up on @homebrosuk and take their incredibly well-taught classes, if you know wassup !! #afrobeats #afrohouse | cc: @takeflightintensive_dublin


TORONTO #TDOT - you know what it is !! Happy to fill in for super G @mrkudelka, although no one can. But I’ve been directed to give you this work, and I shall. Lessgetit with @ivankoumaev, @mattywordup and myself this weekend !! | @541vibecity @canadian_dance_unit


Had my parents out here for the weekend and took them to #huntingtonlibrary. I lived in Pasadena for 4 years, and slept on this place. Go if you have the chance


Return to Sparta #dtlaartsdistrict


#FBF Back many months ago when I first asked my boy @justjet_ for private lessons and we cooked this up real quick for practice purposes ! Animation was like a textbook I’ve always kept in my bag, but only skimmed thru. Always been a fan of how Jet moves, but even more impressed by how great of a teacher he is. He broke down exactly what’s going on, dissecting how and where I’m hitting and stopping movements🔍. S**t is definitely not easy !! In fact I have a new level of respect for it✊🏽✊🏽. Still practicing, but I did make a combo inspired by concepts I’ve learned from him weeks afterwards (swipe ⬅️). Get into @justjet_ man, he’s the dude (duh). Also, what compelled me to ask for privates in the first place stems from some of my actual students like @jchillen_ and @jimmyle___. They really went out of their way to hunt me down, searching more from me beyond the classroom, and asking all the right questions. I was more than happy to oblige, and it’s left me more motivated as a teacher and a student. To grow, one must let go of pride. Do good things others aren’t willing to do, and 1) you’ll surprise yourself and 2) you’ll eventually inspire others to do the same !! #whatitsabout🔃


[swipe ⬅️] 📢LA📢 it starts today !! Get some training in with some of the best in the world. Also, honored to be teaching alongside the master @mrwigglesrsc again for a collab on SATURDAY 8-930pm @mlthestudio #GRATEFUL. Last time, the energy was insane !! Come thru for some good vibes and knowledge 🙏🏽 #community #culture #choreography #freestyle #hiphop ... #DANCE ! | 📹 from @kapela_officiel #house class🙌🏽


If you’re in LA and have pets that need daycare or boarding, you MUST get hooked up with @barkingdogswalkery !! @ashleenino thanks for taking such good care of the boys while we’re away homie, loving the instastories 😆 #newfavoritefollow cc: @lindsayrichardson


#latergram Me and the ace @ysabellecaps collab class from last week. Some choreo from @riehata in the end too, we love you. 👊🏽 | @buildingblock_ @sidancecamp 📹:


Then tomorrow me and the homegirl @ysabellecaps coming thru San Diego 🚙 with other great teachers/artists in the lineup ! It’s a good weekend y’all !!


Aye, couple’uh things ! First, come thru me and the homie @phi_jbwkz class tonight at 8pm for some fun vibes 😎


Part 2 | @asapmob - Get the Bag | Been so long since I’ve been on a community stage !! Always 💯🙏🏽🌊 #decadeofcookies #anniversaryshow | @asap12vy @whois.smookymargielaa @asap__tyy


Part 1 | A$AP - Get the Bag | Put a set together for @choreocookies anniversary show, thank you for having us 🙏🏽 ! and thank you to my squad for holding it down @adewillis @trevortakemoto @xxflexinflvcko @amanda_grind @jchillen_ @seeee26 @jimmyle___ | @ygaddie @asap12vy



📸: @lindsayrichardson miss you !


Swipe ⬅️: I save most every tagged photo/video or anytime I happen to see @bnga_ on anyone. Contrary to belief, I’m not too-cool-for-school to say that I’m a nerd when it comes to those things and still immensely flattered by it 🤓. But I don’t just want to please you, but offer you fresh vibes, not JUST “fan merch”. When it comes to my #bnga collections, I’ll never know when creativity hits. I prefer to keep observing the world, and go from there. But how the kimonos, monestary caps, O.D. branding race tees, vintage Rap tees, tarot card designs, construction tshirts, etc. came about ... I mean damn, we were kinda on to something. Learning to be more efficient with it though, thanks for your patience and support. stay tuned, you know we always bring that 🔥🔥🔥🔥 anyway !! |








100 degree weather, downtown porches, heat-basking pups, and selfie-timers. #LA


Got a lil' ❄️ at the 🏖️ in @ysabellecaps crazy fun class while learning with @riehata after for so long !! Old times that feel like fresh times. #moreofthis🏴 @asia_camp #thailand #phuket #latergram


| Swipe⬅️ | Ahhh @asia_camp. It's second year, and its already grown exponentially from last. Proud of the homie @dimoonzhang, and also very thankful for you bringing me out here, and amongst a fine group of people I'm honored to teach alongside with ! Great moments with all y'all, and many "hashtag" inside jokes to write if one were so inclined 😆. My summer tour is DONE !! This was a run to remember, and by all accounts, VERY energizing. #Malta #Poland #Japan #Thailand. Ready to tackle the rest of the year's goals !! #moreworktobedone #morelifetobelived | 📹1️⃣: "smoke break" chance the rapper. 📹2️⃣: "groovy" future, @akoswag828 @reina_queenme @kaita_the_hataboy (collab with @bam_martin)


Accurate morning capture, I'd say 👌🏽 #thelittlethings #thailand #phuket @asia_camp 🏝️☀️