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Scariest thing I saw last week - There was a couple taking photos of each other on the edge of the cliff nearby. No ropes, no safety and lots of stoke to get the shot. I was terrified watching them slide closer and closer to the edge. This made me think about the example we set for others. These folks didn’t see our safety measures to an otherwise precarious situation. How do you set an example to live our lives to the fullest while being mindful of other peoples comfort levels and capabilities? #tellme #imcurious #keepsmiling #😋

Stand Tall Don't Fall

How sweet is this!? @fredfugen & @vincereffet #skyparty with the plane. #funwithfriends #beawesome #luckyducky


Check out this beauty of a clip we shot in Moab using the new #GoProFusion - It’s pretty unreal. For the full edit/experience, head over to my FB page. Special thanks to @nickmitz @rimwithbrim @jessehallskibase @mike_semanoff @gopro

Moab, Utah

I hope this week is stacking up nicely for everyone. #humpday #fullspeedahead #giver #🚀

Skydive Utah

#ScienceProject - I wanted to prove to myself that if my parachute opened facing the cliff, I could turn it around before getting rocked. #success #science #justthetip #GoPro

Dirty Devil River

There I was, just flying along and @tyler.burrows jumps out in front of me. #GoPro #basejump #surprise

Hanksville, Utah

What an awesome year of skydiving! There have been some motivated individuals stoked to fly wingsuits. Long/short, it’s quit an undertaking to commit to: Time, money, skill, understanding, awareness, etc. These two eagles (@sskofoed and 📸: @david_briggs_199 ) have taken all the right steps to make it happen, way to go guys! #crushingit #sostoked #letsparty

Skydive Utah

Send off into the #sunset - #lovelife #shineon


Do you ever get that feeling of regret when you say ‘no’ or ‘I can’t make it’ to friends or family? Me too, it’s called #fomo and it sucks. Last night I said ‘no’ to some friends w a good plan and immediately knew better - this morning we got out and said ‘yes’. #sayyes #makememories #funwithfriends

Lake Mountain (Utah)

These Squirrel Suits are pretty neat, so much fun to be had. #twiceasnice #doublethefun #twofortuesday PC: @jakeprice16

Skydive Utah

Utah for the win! The colors outside right now are so nice. #getoutside #enjoyit #utahisrad #home

Alpine, Utah

Had a blast jumping into the new @GoPro office a few days ago. Scroll right 👉🏼#tightlandingzone #cominginhot #nailedit #goprohero6

GoPro Headquarters

#weekendvibes #feelingit

Trying out the new #GoPro #ElGrande extension pole. Kinda crazy to fly with but look at the shots you can get 😜. #gettheshot #goprohero6

Skydive Utah

#GoProFusion and #GoProHERO6 are here and they are awesome! Pilot in command @rimwithbrim

GoPro Headquarters

Heading to #Moab to do a whole lot of this. #letsgo #makememories #getstoked

Moab, Utah

Start your week off right with some smooth #Wingsuit flying from our recent trip to Italy. The full edit is awesome - link in profile. @kavu #GoPro #makememories #beawesome


Make the most of the weekend. #GoPro #kavu

Skydive Utah

The Grand Teton - An iconic American peak reaching heights of 13,775, rising above the valley floor 7,000 below. This week, alongside my partner in crime @hartmanrector and @awake1563 we set out on a mission to find the perfect perch where birds could fly. Properly equipped w ropes, gear, and other necessary tools we traversed/climbed/rappelled all aspects of the summit where Google Earth and beta from other climbers agreed that we'd find our perfect perch. As we searched for our vantage points, we found spots where the vertical relief was close to our minimums but each spot had very large intimidating stepped ledges below. The thin air, short drops, various obstacles and overall big mountain mystique asked us to be honest w ourselves and truly decide if today was the day. The mountains aren't going anywhere, they will live on. In the end, we had a great time exploring the lesser known aspects of the mountain and we arrive home w a heart full of respect for our beautiful planet and the adventurers who push what's possible. It's a beautiful thing to be alive. #thinkbig #makememories #beawesome

Grand Teton National Park

Had a great weekend #hangingout at the #wendoverairshow. Here's to a great new week! #gohard #makememories

Historic Wendover Airfield

Had a awesome ridge soaring flight on #Timpanogos last night. I was flying the new #ultralite 4, 21m from @ozoneparagliders. Isn't it cool to go for a hike w a small glider in your backpack, then take a couple steps and fly home? #onewayhike #hikeandfly #loveit

Mount Timpanogos

#bffs on a play date 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦. PC: @mattrosado1 #gopro #kavu


It worked and it was awesome! The plan was to be in the air, flying wingsuits during the totality of the #SolarEclipse. With an all-star crew of pilots and organizers, it all came together. Full story and edit coming soon via @outsidetv #makememories #nailedit

Skydive Awesome

Rolling into the weekend! #Fridayfeeling #herewego #gopro

Skydive Utah

Had a great ridge session on #Timpanogos last night. #gotrainedon #landedwithasmile #gopro

Mount Timpanogos