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Image by @joelsartore | This giant ibis, photographed at @accb_cambodia, is not only one of the rarest bird species on the planet with only 200-300 individuals remaining worldwide, but is also the National Bird of Cambodia, where the majority of them live. This individual was severely ill due to a heavy parasite infection when found in the forest in Eastern Cambodia. Now, after four months of treatment and care at the center, he has almost regained his former strength.
The giant ibis is the largest ibis species alive and reaches a height of up to 1 meter (3.2 feet). Habitat destruction and persecution have driven this species close to extinction during the last few decades.
@accb_cambodia is currently caring for three rescued giant ibises and is the only institution worldwide with husbandry experience in this species. Hopefully, a conservation breeding program can be established in the future to prevent this elusive species from going extinct.


Las estaciones espaciales son obras maestras 🛰️ La astronauta Nicole Stott (@astro_nicole) te cuenta cómo es la vida allí 🌎 #OSR, presentada por @willsmith. Estreno MAÑANA, 8 PM PE / 10 PM COL-CHI. Lunes 26, 10 PM ARG. Martes 27, 10 PM MEX, solo en National Geographic.


“In my Instagram bio, it says: ‘Don’t gotta be FEARLESS. You just have to FEAR LESS 📝’” —aspiring broadcast journalist and college freshman Malick Mercier (@classymalick)

The 18-year-old next-gen storyteller from Brooklyn, New York, has always appreciated the news. “I thought everyone loved watching the news, because I was like: ‘How could you not want to know what’s going on in the world?’” For Malick, journalism is about amplifying voices and telling the truth: “The world will always crave knowing ‘the real’ and will need people who are going to be unbiased and just tell us that. It’s so important.” Today, we’re following Malick as he covers #MarchForOurLives in Washington, DC. Check out our Instagram story and follow the hashtag to see more.

Washington, District of Columbia

What's your favorite photo? Swipe to see the images that caught our attention this week. #WhatWeLiked | #swan by @jedweingarten | #volcano by @ullalohmann | #snowleopard by @prasen88


[ #BreakingBarriers ] My Comfort for Hers | Photograph by Lisa Coker (@lisacokerphotography)
“We all find our thing that soothes and comforts us. For my toddler, her thing wasn’t a possession like a ‘blankie’ or stuffed animal. Her thing was and still is my belly,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Lisa Coker. "Whether she needs help falling asleep, or just wants to be comforted, touching my belly did the trick. It bothered me. I thought it was weird. But my refusal to let her touch my belly resulted in painful tantrums, to which I gave in. I sacrificed my comfort for hers, and still do. As a mother, this choice happens automatically.”

March is Women’s History Month and to honor the women in our community and around the globe, Your Shot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas) will be curating one image a day from the Your Shot community that celebrates women. Each day in March the photographs will be shared on the @natgeoyourshot Instagram account. #natgeowomen


Went to NYC and all I got was this lousy snow globe 🔮

Tudor City

Photo by @renan_ozturk
Humanity in one of it’s densest forms on earth ❤️ #NYC 🇺🇸 Shot with @taylorfreesolo @sanctityofspace

New York, New York

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