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I am the SM in SMD. Sound Style BASS. New Youtube video is up! Pre-Order King Morrison CD's here! Hit the link!

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#SMD Quadblock 4XL - 3 more models coming tomorrow. CNC machine on overtime @wccaraudio


me and @antheny916 tested the Skelator box just to see...2 @official_sundown_audio 24” zv5 subwoofers on just 2 2500 watt amps. Powered by @mechman_alts and @4xspower of course. Not bad considering the box tuning compared to the resonant frequency of the Yukon (the frequency the vehicle itself usually tests loudest at). Either way the box is a little to big for the space its in (with his amp rack) so i might finish it and sell it soon. Check out the video on my channel


thanks to @incriminatoraudio we have an amazing prize for System of the Month October 2017... A pair of 10” OR 12” subs (winners choice) a 1200 watt monoblock, a fat 4 channel 50x4 class AB amp, and 2 sets of @incriminatoraudio 6.5” Components. Join the forum and vote for your favorite OR nominate someone else! Nomknate yourself if you think you have a chance! odds are ALWAYS good! Please follow @incriminatoraudio they really went all out! visit the site for more pucs and details in the SOTM section!


new SMD 4XL Quadblock fuse holder next to two singles. Candy red translucent cover plate. I can’t wait to see these installed! @skyhighcaraudio #sema #smd @wccaraudio


make yourselves comfortable why don'tcha 😂


Double XL #smd @wccaraudio


i can't wait to get all of these put together. #smd @wccaraudio


looks good to me! #smd #deca #xl


us behind the scenes guys get excited too. Congrats @thrashaveli and thanks again @okwerdz209 and @kwinradio for the opportunity. Full video and me giggling like a girl on my channel - purchase your signed cd by clicking tge link in my bio!


Tune in to @kwinradio 97.7 or go to and hit the listen live button. Or get the app on iheart radio. 12am-2am they are gonna play a song off @thrashaveli aka Psyph Morrison's new album (exec.produced by me!) We are out in Stockton right now waiting for it to come on. Thanks @okwerdz209 man shits gonna be dope!!! 😎😎😎


it went something like this. I pull up bumping the new @thrashaveli CD in my Caddy and he is right by the window. I gave him a $20 and I asked him if he had a way to play a CD. He said yes lol! so i gave him mine. He was stoked. The light turned green and i was gone. Enjoy that beer! 😂😂😎😎


i used to open someone else's door in the morning. #SMD @wccaraudio


i keep odd hours because i wanna keep my stuff. Shit aint falling out of the sky. #smd #earlybirdcrew @wccaraudio


first open after a long project completed. Supposed to get some local (and beyond) radio air play tomorrow evening! tune in to @okwerdz209 new show on @kwinradio (12am-2am) Support Psyph aka @thrashaveli and order up the cd or download at any digital outlet! If you gotta system in your ride you don't want to 💤💤 on this record 🔊🔊🔊😎


still working on the double, Octo and Deca (Ten spot). All design, drawings, tool paths and duplication for each one painstakingly finished. I just gotta start running them off now. Fun! #smd @wccaraudio


that moment you find 4 (still) brand new recone 18" kits you forgot you had but never had to use. Who can guess what these go to?


the lived to see another day but man those things got stinky...and LOUD! Just burnin' some glue that's all haha! thanks for the demo @shtnonm_official bro's ! full video on my channel visit and subscribe (please 😎😎)


Congrats to my friend @okwerdz209 aka Brian Okwerdz Peeples landing a new show on one of the biggest radio stations in Nor-Cal KWIN 97.7 & 98.3 ..Rumor has it they are going to play something off the new Psyph Morrison @thrashaveli record "King Morrison"! Other big artists like @ren_da_heatmonsta and @brothalynchhung Premeditated are on the list too! Check out the first show Sat at 12am-2am over the airwaves or online if you are too far away and hit the "listen now" button. Congrats Psyph Morrison @deehwp209 and @chickenhillproductions this is big for you guys too! Glad to be part of it! Thanks a LOT to @okwerdz209 for making this happen. Ill repost this again Friday night to remind everyone to tune in! Get the KWIN App in the meantime! TBC... #Reposting @okwerdz209 with @instarepost_app -- After weeks of planning & keeping it secret I can finally say that I was offered a show on one of the biggest radio stations in Northern California 97.7 @kwinradio alongside my dj @djekspoe & the Program Director himself @jiggyfm - it's called "On The Radar" & our 1st episode w/ @philthyrichfod premiers this Saturday at midnight! I grew up listening to KWIN so I'm honored to be apart of this huge platform with an opportunity to help play artists from my city & bring in-studio rap battles to the radio for the first time in station history! Make sure to tune in on Saturday nights & if you aren't from my area you can listen at or on the iHeartRadio app.


the new SMD Quadblock XL is almost ready. Available in double, quad (shown), Octo and Deca! yup as requested by many a TEN spot ANL fuse block. We also improved the original models and are keeping them too! , Amazon, ebay and several authorized dealers will have them soon 😎


Psyph Morrison "King Morrison" hard copy cd's are in! Co Produced by SMD - If you pre-ordered it is on its way! If you requested a signed copy its gonna be a couple of days till i can get him over here. I wasnt expecting these today! Get yours now i promise its a slapper first song to the last! Congrats @thrashaveli bro this project came out tight!! @antheny916 on the art work and overall assistance helping with everything, @deehwp209 from @hallwayprodz , @ominalabs @thepressrecordingstudio @trillazzspook @c.a.r.s___ @wccaraudio @audiofanaticz link in bio will be on Amazon and ebay soon. Hopefully a few stores also!


who found who? when i first swooped him up off the street i thought for sure he would not survive. It was a long road to recovery but now look at him! 🐶🐶❤️ #baby


The Wind Tunnel - @no_new_friends435 tremendous system with Two Reverse Mounted 18" Subwoofers + Bandpass Wall = CRAZY BASS! visit my channel for full video or hit the link in my bio!


he was worth it. #Baby


bedtime. #baby #myboy


Rocky always gets along with all the new comers. He is a good dog. 3 Chihuahuas and a a Husky. Always a gentleman. Baby is growing up fast :)


new Quadblock XL is working really well. I havent redesigned the clear lid yet (this one is off a standard quadblock) i just need to extend it out some but you get the idea.#SMD @wccaraudio


man this jeep was incredible sounding! So much wind from just 2 @dcsoundlab Level 6 18's. Full video on my channel !!


thats a lot of @skyhighcaraudio 2/0! Thats a lot of ring terminals too 😳😳😂😎


i like that a lot. Only 15 more to go. 😂😂 @soundigitalusa @skyhighcaraudio @4xspower