Julius Niskey

Its about the children the new generation, its not just about you. Teaching and being a positive part of a childs education is what I enjoyed this year. If you don't have passion and make it exciting, how do you expect the children to be excited and passionate. I volunteered at the best school with the best students and learned more than them. The students created #LVArecords as a team and formed three sublabels #instrumentalrecords #fuchsiarecords and #silvervinylrecords. Twenty five students learning the music business hands on in a #pbl environment at 7am in the morning creating www.lvarecords.com. Thirty six students at lunch decided to be the support and marketing group for LVA Records creating a fully operating company YES Group www.yesgrouplv.com.
I have been blessed to have the opportunity to be part of the kids high school experience. I was currently informed I am welcomed back for 2015-2016 school years to continue learning with the students and being part of their positive experience. #LVA #YoungEntrepreneurs #YESgrouplv #projectbaselearning #vegasbusiness



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