Her relationship with her boobs is complicated. @acampoverdi, former White House aide and the founder of @wellwomanhealth talks breast cancer, the BRCA gene mutation, and why we should all be the CEOs of our own bodies. What’s your #boobtruth?




💥💞Bravo and well said ❣️


This woman is a goddess, I’m inspired and possibly in love. Keep it up!



I’m so happy for you. But, if you are truly there for women, why is the coalition only for women of color?


WOW, just wow! What an emotional piece, and so beautiful. I love the be the CEO of your own body! ❤️


I am so grateful for this post / share. Thank You. Deep sigh


Thank you @acampoverdi and @lululemon for sharing this important story and message. You can’t discuss boobs without addressing the reality that 1 in 8 women in America will be diagnosed with this disease in their lifetime. #Celebrating8yearscancerfree.


👏👏👏👏 so inspiring! ❤️❤️❤️



This is so important and inspiring to all of us, woman and men. Thank you lulu ❤️


Powerful. So well spoken 👍🏾


Beautiful and inspiring story. Merci de partager, Laura 😘


Is there a website to watch the other series? Is there a contact to make a recommendation or offer an idea for the series?


Inspiring story. Being Canadian, I am grateful I can go for a mammogram every year without worrying about the cost. Thank you for sharing your story


Beautiful story-great reminder to trust our intuition.


I watch #boobtruth every week and every time I am always so inspired by these woman and who they have become. I want to have a future like them where they inspire other women in their community and they can show off that they love themselves. @lululemon thank you for inspiring other women in the world with these amazing interviews 💕



This message has special meaning to me at this time as I’m going thru chemo and about to embark on the scary journey of surgery the next few months...her positivity post operation gives me hope & strength. Thank you for this.


Thank you for sharing this inspiring, courageous, enlightening, and positive video of Alejandra (and thank you @acampoverdi for sharing your story and journey so eloquently! Btw I went to school with a lovely girl named Ali Campoverdi and I’m almost positive it’s you! So if you read this and my memory served me right, wow! Hello!! 😄)


This is so great! Keep up the amazing work lulu!!! 💖✨💕


I love this series so much. Thank you, Lulu!



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