“I think my biggest issue with the bra industry is that you are wearing this fancy bra for someone else. That s#%& pisses me off. I think bras are for us and that we should feel good in them and not be marketed as this “sexy date night”. @allymaz, lululemon global yoga ambassador and founder of @girlvanayoga featured in the Energy Bra. Check out her episode of #boobtruth Tuesdays on our IGTV now.

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Love these. Back fat. Make the next episode back fat 😳😆. It also comes in all shapes and sizes. @calvinklein makes a lovely bra w a wider sexy section at the sides to contain. More should do this as this is also a self conscious area. Love you Lulu. ❤️


So cute! Love my leggings but never tried the bras. Would be perfect to shop on the @klarna.usa app #iwantklarna


Please partner with @afterpayusa!!😭


I’ve loved all my lululemon bras even after my mastectomy because the pad pouches are where I can stuff my prosthetic❤️now if only I could have the ability to submit my purchases to my insurance for my medical device😂


Love it!


My favorite of all the brands and styles, Energy bra! I have one in MANY colors.❤️❤️❤️


It’s ironic that this comment is posted on lululemon, supposedly hinting that their bras are superior when I’ve found their bras to be the most restricting, constraining, poking, and digging of all the sports bras I’ve tried on...just because they want to be designed to be a sexier sports bra. The sizing is wildly inaccurate and the straps are the most impractical thing on the market. And aren’t some of the products even named things like “hot date,” “short stuff,” etc? The fabric is completely unlike the rest of the clothing. I really wish someone would do better.




Love ur bras 🙏🏼


Amen 🙏🏻


lululemon skort and sports bras brand new in my bio! very discounted price


Wish I could shop my @lululemon with @klarna.usa #iwantklarna 💞


struggle to find a good supportive bra that is fun. not black or grey.


I second that @bri_owens_ Favorite #boobtruth yet!!! So much sass and honesty. She was just delightful 💕Well done @lululemon


As a man, I’ll be honest, I love boobs. However, I’ve never thought of bras that way before because, I’m a guy and I like boobs. What a mind opening point of view, “bras are for us, they should feel comfortable”. They’re high heals. You wear them because you want to look nice, but they seem so impractical and uncomfortable. Wear what makes you comfortable, not everyone else. Thank you @lululemon and @allymaz for such a fun, silly, but insightful video. Thank you also to Lululemon for helping tear down the stereotype and stigma that Yoga was just for women. Yoga has been a life changing activity in my life the last year. Thank you 🙏🏻 🧘🏼‍♂️

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