Troy Sowers

I swore I’d never be a “truck” guy but dang it this has been a pretty fun daily so far.

#fordraptor #raptor #gen1raptor #svtraptor #f150




Are going to color match the bumpers and fenders?


Let’s shoott it📸


Parking fail


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I drive my raptor every day to work and back. Just love it 👍👍


Ford girl always 🤘


Has @streetspeed717 taught you nothing? Where’s your duramax?


A truck with power, hard to beat. Utility and fun. I bounce back and forth, car/ truck, both.


Nice park job😂


Maybe a supercharger coming soon for your raptor @troysowers


Are you gonna supercharge the truck eventually or leave the drive train stock?


🤙🤙 the best daily imo but I am biased #RAPTORLIFE🦖


Have you picked out a set of wheels yet?


I have 2 sweet badass vehicles


Nice truck man

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