Trading mania for pause in order to live a happier and more meaningful life is the impact our new global yoga ambassador, @manojdias_ has had on thousands of people around the world. As a meditation and mindfulness teacher, his practice provides awareness and compassion for his students to live fearlessly with purpose.
Join Manoj live by following in our story as he shares a guided meditation that will help you escape the chaos and find balance in your daily routine. #thesweatlife

8,701 Australia



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Can anyone recommend where I can find a meditation seat like this one??


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The Man The Myth and the Legend!!!! Make the ancestors proud @manojdias_


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Yessssss @manojdias_! Beautiful to see @lululemon giving a man of color a platform to show we are doing this inner work of healing! Congrats my friend ❤️🙏🏾👊🏽


slay lu lu!!!


Wooot!!! A big congratulations @manojdias_ 🎈 ✨




all love for @manojdias_! can’t wait to see what’s next 💛🧡❤️


I was watching @lululemon live with him yesterday 😍




Top ❤️


Congrats @manojdias_!! Well deserved and looking forward to seeing all that you do xx

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