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Today marks one month of living in beautiful Colorado ✨
And what a transition this has been ~
We left our home state to experience something new ✨ to give ourselves the chance to grow out of our comforts by stepping into the unknown, to expand our minds beyond what we knew. To grow in ways we couldn’t if we stayed where we were. This month has transformed us. Waves of gratitude and discomfort washed over us, and continue to do so. We are feeling it all. Full spectrum. What a trip ✨ here’s to our new beginning~ a path that is being uncovered with every step. So grateful to be here~ to be experiencing this gift of life with my beautiful little family by my side ❣️

4,439 Boulder, Colorado



I'm so happy I found your page! I've been in Colorado for 2 1/2 years now and it's absolutely wonderful 🥰


gorgeous!! where is your top from? i love your whole outfit!


How awesome!!! Your in my state now ☺️ colorado is truly beautiful, if you need any recommendations for hiking/camping etc, let me know & I can pass on some knowledge! I libe in arvada, so boulder is right next to me! Enjoy CO!! It’s truly a treat🥰


@otekah_ May I ask where your skirt is from? I've been looking for a neutral high waisted maxi skirt but can't find them anywhere. Apparently they aren't "in" this year 😐


jus wowww! such an amazing view! I'd hope waking up on that kind of view. 💖🌿


Wow that view is beautiful


😍😍😍 sooo beautiful


Welcome to Colorado, love ❤️




Paz ❤️


So happy for you love♥️🌹🙏🌹♥️😍


Mmm I used to live there. It was the place that forever changed me. It's been calling me back ever since I left... 🌌🌄


Welcome to beautiful boulder! I love being this close to the front range.


So happy for you guys ♡ theres so much beauty to experience in this state 😊


Congratulations on your transformation. Colorado is great. Hawaii is spwcial


You look completely in your element there 😍 so happy you’re evolving and loving/living to the fullest ✨🙏🏼 many blessings!


Glad you like it here- it’s magical ✨


Beautiful view!! 😍


Gorgeous image ✨


What a spot 💙




is colorado amazing


Welcome ❣️🙌🏼

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