It's a mid-engine masterpiece. Introducing the 2020 Chevrolet #Corvette #Stingray.




I need too trade my camaro for this😭😭😭😭


If only I could get that 🤩😶


@sergio.mre startpreis war knapp 60k amk lohnt sich doch easy


The front kinda looks like a Lamborghini to me


@coachbeddy61 have you shown this to your dad yet?


This is amazing




Why change the corvette style


If only i was rich enough.


Ford gt is better


This car deserve a 👎


Yup I'm sold.


Bring Back the Chevelle for a new generation!




Looks like a cheap foreign super car. Should have kept it American musvle style Imo


All the cars have been redesigned but the impala???


@chevrolet when the 2020 zo6 is coming?!? 😴


Can you hurry with the c8 so we can shut da fuk out these demon dum fuks!!!


That’s a nice Fiero

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