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Huacachina - Peru ✨❤️❤️❤️✨
Picture by ✨✨@kevineassa✨✨
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Photo by @Chrisburkard | Don Sheldon was a legend. Born in Colorado, he went to Alaska at age 18 seeking work and adventure. He became a pioneer glacier pilot and from his base in Talkeetna, Alaska, he transported climbers, skiers, fishermen, and other adventurers to areas inaccessible via ground transportation. He also built a tiny house, personally flying all of the building material to its remote location piece by piece. Years later, on his tiny rock outcropping amidst Denali National Park a larger shelter was created to celebrate his dedication to this wild place. Sheldon is a reminder and inspiration to live a life of purpose and a life of adventure. Deep in the wilderness, the vantage point from this cabin made it hard to tell what was Earth and what wasn’t, it felt like we were a part of the night sky on this vibrant night.


Happy Whale | Photograph by Douglas Croft (@douglascroftimages)
“One of the questions we get on every whale watching trip is when do the whales breach,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Douglas Croft, who took this photo on July 1, 2019. “I truly wish we knew the answer to that question. It is something we would like to see more often. I have seen this activity hundreds of times and it still takes my breath away.” This photo was published in our “A Visual Diary: July 2019” story. To participate in our current assignments, go to the link in our profile ( Our “A Visual Diary: August 2019” assignment launches on August 25, 2019 and one #YourShotPhotographer published in the final story will receive a portfolio review.

“Wow. I bet this experience was absolutely breathtaking, I bet it was so exciting. I love how tight you made this photo, I love how the whale almost fills the entire frame.” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)


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Una máquina de videojuegos y una cueva como único refugio ¿Qué les espera a Carlos, Gabi e Ikeda? 💡🌍 ¡Sigue los desafíos de #RetoImposible, presentados por @marioruiz! 📺⬇️
Jueves, 8 PM MEX-COL-PE / 9 PM CHI / 10 PM ARG.


Photos by Ami Vitale @amivitale | In a historical undertaking, a consortium of the world's leading experts from @leibnizizw, Avantea, @safariparkdvurkralove, and @kenyawildlifeservice performed an ovum pick-up (a procedure for extracting oocytes) on the last living northern white rhinos, Fatu and Najin, at @olpejeta conservancy in northern Kenya. This procedure, never before performed on any northern white rhino, could mark that instant when these creatures were brought back from certain extinction. At this very moment, the precious ova are being rushed to Italy, where they will eventually be matured and fertilized with frozen northern white rhino sperm to become embryos—which could then be transferred into southern white rhinos to gestate the embryos. If this new technology is successful, it could bring a critically endangered species back from extinction. @biorescue_project @leibnizgemeinschaft #NorthernWhiteRhinos #StopExtinction #Rhinos #conservation #kenya


This time last year, artist Chika (@oranicuhh) couldn’t afford a ticket to Afropunk (@afropunk) in Brooklyn. This weekend, she’s playing the festival. 🤯❤️⁣

Learn more about the creative force that is Chika on today’s #ThreeMinuteAutobiography, where some of your favorite ⭐️ share their life story in just three minutes. Check it out right now on our IGTV.


Memories of Sicily - this might of been my favorite trip I took this summer, did you travel anywhere recently that really stuck with you?


Newfoundland and Labrador Week, Day 2!

Yesterday I featured images from the Easternmost point of the province, Cape Spear. Today I’m going all the way up to the northernmost point of the province to Torngat Mountains National Park, which is located at the top of Labrador.

You might not have heard of Torngat Mountains before. It is one of the least visited parks in Canada because of how difficult it is to get to. You can’t drive there. You can’t just pull up in an RV as part of a road trip.

To get there, you first have to get to Happy Valley-Goose Bay. From there, you take a flight which stops in the northern community of Rain, and then lands at the abandon radar station at Sajlek Fjord. From there you take a boat to the Torngats Base Camp. ⠀
The park is jointly administered with the local Inuit community in Labrador and Parks Canada. The park gets about 800 visitors per year. Most of those are people sailing through as they go north, or local school groups from Labrador.

One of the constant things you have to be on the lookout for is polar bears. Wherever you go in the park, you have to have a bear guard with you. ⠀
One of my more memorable days in the park was taking a boat trip to the end of Sajlek Fjord where we had lunch. Lunch consisted of giving us some fishing poles and we had to catch our own lunch. FYI fresh Arctic char is amazing!

Most people are totally unaware that there are fjords in North America, but there are and they are spectacular.

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