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Most comfortable bed we’ve had in a long time! Thank you @lullbed for making our new home feel a bit cozier! Get $150 off with Lull’s “Best Mattress Award” Sale at lull.com/otekah #ad #getyourlullon




We loveeee our lull mattress 😍 this pic is so cute ✨


Omg doggo looks SO happy! 😂 Dis is my new beds guys, I lays, I stays 😋


It looks awesome and I love the picture with the baby and my Vega girl


Hey girly I sent you a dm, could you kindly reply ✨💓




Wow! ❤️ Love this. So happy to see you guys doing well in your new state. Makes my heart full


Looks so comfy 😍😍😍


So comfy! You guys are cute🤗


Oh yessss! I’ve been thinking about this as our next mattress!!


We have one too and it is amazing!!! Enjoy your new family sleep space ❤️


Is it non toxic and certified?


adorable family ☺️💓


Ok your pup! 😂😍


Love this 😍😍😍


You guys are the cutest ♥️♥️♥️♥️ thanks for sharing something that always makes me smile

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