The boob truth can’t be censored. Colourful language ahead. It’s time for Episode 4 of #boobtruth Tuesdays. Fun fact? Her boobs are Leo/Virgo cusp.
@ariscestocrat, transgender supermodel and comedian, talks rogue boobs and birthday boobs.  What’s your #boobtruth ?




So fucking intelligent


she’s 29????!!


@usakotsukino mira que buena la campaña!


What a beautiful soul....what a beautiful badass woman!!!


That’s just amazing ❤️


@ariscestocrat you are absolutely gorgeous! Even though you love being done up and glamorous, you’re perfect in your natural state, makeup free! Loved this episode.


Something I think you’d appreciate @k_shashti15 🤣


Beyond beautiful 😍😍😍


Comparison is the thief of your joy ❤️❤️❤️ so true! Love this!




love her. 💓 wish we were able to shop @lululemon with @klarna.usa #iwantklarna !




Boob birthdays! 😂 That's brilliant!✨


@lolindsay interesting!!!


I really ❤️ how raw this is❣️ It’s a great series and you have the best products that lasts forever. Thank you @lululemon👏👏👏


I just can’t like this enough!! So much truth. Love it, get it girl!


I never heard of this brand before I saw these video’s ... I love them, very refreshing hearing people talking about their bodies just the way they are. Thank you for this. ♥️


She is gorgeous!!



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