It’s sort of genius that you can attract people from around the world to eat a really expensive meal and have it consist of only vegetables (and a few eggs). Seasonal eating makes a lot of sense, eating locally grown ingredients makes a lot of sense and experimenting with flavours makes a lot of sense. It’s an experience that demands an open mind, open eyes and an open flavour palette. I think we’re beyond eating insects by now, so how long until we can buy molded vegetables next to the cheeses in the supermarket? Anyway, don’t all those colours just make your heart happy and your mouth water!? 🌈

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In India, you will find vegetarian meals everywhere- come here for a veg culinary adventure. I’m sure you’ll be boggled at the hundreds of vegetarian-only options available here...


So beautiful!!😍


Yes I agree! The colors are so beautiful!! Love it! 😍🙂🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Is there such a place as heaven I'm looking at at the


A grand and inspiring adventure! And yes, heart beyond happy. Everything right there that inspires me to crack an egg and portray pure, raw ‘ingredients’ just as they are. Enjoy 😘


Hvad i alverden er det røde mellem bønnerne og svampene på billede 2?


Så simpelt og så lækkert 👌🏽


It looks beyond beautiful! But may I ask - THIS was the food that was served? Or decoration. I read your caption but still don’t get it, sorry! 😅


Megaflotte billeder 😍 Nysgerrig og openminded spørgsmål; Var det dét du fik, at spise?


Fik I mugmenuen?

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