Tennant Mobile Valeting

Was just a shed when we moved in, now 🏁 The Cabin🏁 feels at home as such, more so for Jordan. Both working on different jobs and having a good laugh πŸ‘. Thanks to my customers again for able to accommodate the logistics of past few days πŸ™‚. #mobilevaleting will always be my priotry, but if still able to do the job with bad weather forecasted, #cabinvaleting will come into effect πŸ‘. #volkswagenpolo, had part of gtoomsport beach in it, got a polish n wax also.

Couple #minivalet on the #hyundai and #vauxhall.
#fullvalet done on #skoda.

Sneaky pic of @clearcut_details_and_valeting reaching new heights also today lol

#bangorni #tmv #nofilter



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