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Zoe's fourth grade teacher is so much more than a teacher, she was an angel in all of our lives! It was an honor for us to shine a very much needed light on one of our dear public school educators. I'm happy to partner with Walgreens, who knows that teachers are the true unsung heroes of our communities! That's why they have joined with the ME to WE Foundation to fund the development of WE Teachers.

This new program will provide educators with free tools and resources to help them address critical social issues, like bullying and mental wellbeing, in their classrooms. So when you shop back to school at @Walgreens, you are joining their commitment to support teachers across the country--like Mrs. Masselli! @Walgreens @MEtoWE #MoreThanATeacher #ad




Zoe, you did an amazing job!!! You totally shine.




Thank you for recognizing the teachers in your community and for loving and appreciating us all. I wouldn’t change my job for anything even on my worst days. @mommasgonecity thank you for also raising such amazing kind humans β™₯️


Such a lovely old soul kids are so amazing when allowed to blossom...


Such a lovely old soul kids are so amazing when allowed to blossom...


This is awesome! As a teacher, this touches my heart. Your Zoe is a precious soul. πŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ


Thank you from all of the teachers every where❀


@ms_kristalw this is so great! I love @mommasgonecity and love that they’re patterning with @metowe πŸ˜πŸ‘


Sooo many feels...watching this! You are raising INCREDIBLE children! 😍


Gorgeous!! What a super girl Zoe is! You must be so proud of her πŸ€—


What a meaningful partnership & shout out to our crown jewels; our teachers! The icing is Zoe & TheoπŸ’•


She’s adorable!




Zoe is such a sweet girl. πŸ’—


From a teacher, thank you for recognizing how important teachers are in the lives of our students. ❀️


She’s so big!!! Thank you for sharing your life so organically and positively.




πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ»


Theo stealing the show and my heart as usual. 😍


Thanks for your shout out. It means the world - ❀️a public teacher who loves what she does




I am a public school advocate in Canada...appreciate your post appreciate it draws attention to a real game changer. Quality public education for all children makes a better world. For. Everyone!




Absolutely love this! Good job, Zoe! πŸ’•

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