Her boobs are magical. @stephanie.miranda.jhala , founder of @amothersmovement talks breastfeeding, boob reductions, and more. What’s your #boobtruth?




@jorthejeek feel like this kid is too old to breast feed , it creeps me out majorly. But I really like the set that she is wearing her outfit is cute


So much yes! I’m nursing my third baby and just discovered the magic of lululemon. Where have I been?! 😍😍


No problem boobs, se muscle


Extended breastfeeding in a mainstream ad??? HELL YES


When he daughter comes in 😩😩


All of these stories are so incredibly moving! Thank you for sharing! 💕✨


If there wasnt a child in this video i still absolutely wouldnt squirt milk at you. But HER over THERE..... no UPP there! Waitrr downn there/ hold UP why arent i on this page in my underwear

The end of the page