“So, I have millions of bras, but since breastfeeding, I only wear two bras down to the ground. I need an update. Please help me. Please. Can I take this one home because I need new bras?” Founder of @amothersmovement, @stephanie.miranda.jhala featured in the Like Nothing Bra. Check out her episode of #boobtruth Tuesdays on our IGTV now.




I love this bra ❤️




I have & love this bra but recently noticed there’s a tear in one of the strap seams even though I’ve taken great care of it 😢


i live off of your clothes thank you for being such an awesome brian’s for lacrosse it can be HOT out there ❤️❤️


but y’all don’t take cash....


Hoping my request gets noticed... please come out with a dark purple in the align legging. Maybe Artic plum or Aeon?


Please restock the 6” align shorts in black! 🙏🏼🙏🏼


I love your clothes so much! I can’t wait to get more!


I love your leggings!!!


Shop discounted lulu in my profile!❤️


Hey @lululemon please make the vinyasa scarf in khaki green 💜


I’ve been looking for the Align short in 6”/15cm for ages now, any chance of it coming back into stock soon in a size 6?? Thanks


After buying 50 pairs of aligns. And countless bras and tops from you guys over the years. I’m really sad to say I no longer support your company. I was refused service at a store when I asked if you could repair a hole in a pair of aligns I have from your faulty stitching. Which by the way half of my aligns have faulty stitching. I decided to contact customer service online where they said they would offer me a refund for both pairs after I send them in to the warehouse. I later get an email saying I won’t be getting a refund and if I ever try to send them in they will recycle them without my consent. I called your customer service thinking there must be a mistake. Only to be treated so poorly by one of your reps. I explained my love for lululemon and that I probably won’t be inventing my money in this company and further and he laughed at me. 50 pairs of aligns alone cost nearly $5000. And you couldn’t repair or replace 2 pairs that have faulty stitching because of your fault. I already know your reply. “They were well loved”, no they actually were just sewn incorrectly and the piling causes any faulty stitches to come loose faster.


Will you ever make any plus sizes 😔 we also want to workout and do yoga


Hello! Would love to be able to shop your products using @klarna.usa #iwantklarna


Gorgeous shows the love I adore it


Finding it very difficult to register for activities for SeaWheeze 🤬🤬


Dear respected collégue & friend: I DMed you an original fashion& fitness illustration of a belle in yoga wear! Please see my art account 💕💜💙

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