Owen Sharpe

Finally done. 135 performance's of #stonesinhispockets... im shattered but not broken. What a pleasure working with the talented Lindsay Posner and thanks to the wonderful Denny and all the crew for their amazing support. Onwards and upwards...




Thanks Sal 😜


Thanks buddy @imbush


Proud of you! ❤️


Congratulations Owen and crew. Brilliant performance in Dublin You were so good I didn’t recognise you 😂 I have seen the Golden Palace Of The Himalayas. Puberty is OVER! Onward and upward Eugene!


We were most fortunate to see your performances yesterday during the matinee. Even though your audience was sparse, you both gave us accomplished and engaging performances. Your audience were 100% behind you, we chatted to each other and willed you both to feel our presence! Thank you!


Respect! For the journey and for the biceps !


Wow well done pal what an achievement

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