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For my Trump supporting friends and family, acquaintances, and internet compatriots:

Do you wring your hands and worry as I do about gun violence? Do you think twice before you head into a crowded venue or event? Do you even consider that our lives as Americans are threatened by white supremacy and domestic terrorism everywhere we go?

I went to high school with a victim of the Gilroy shooting. My friend’s nephew was killed at Sandy Hook. I have family in Dayton that I laid awake worrying about all night once I heard the news.

This is on my doorstep and it’s on yours, too.

I hear your vacant whispers of thoughts and prayers. I feel your dissonance towards the rest of us who won’t tolerate Trump’s divisive and problematic, racist rhetoric. I see you turning your cheek and shrugging your shoulders because it’s “not a gun issue”. I can’t imagine today will be the day you decide to engage with me about this.

I’m not going to pretend to think any of you will even consider investing yourself into this emotional labor, but I want you to know that your silence and complacency is louder than your stagnant voices. It is absolutely deafening.

This is a gun issue. We need policy change now. For my kids and your kids and the brown kids and the gay kids, the poor kids and the rich kids.

These things aren’t supposed to be partisan, you see.

Without our safety, we have nothing. 📷 @theadventuresofjennie




✊ I’m with you. With our kids and their kids. Keep raising your voice.


The part about trump being racist made me laugh really hard.


reabbismom. If you are so moved and something. We vote for senators and congresspeople but the NRA has bribed everybody they can and they run everything. That should anger you as a citizen. Why doesn’t it? Don’t be afraid to change your mind. trump is using you.


@czier000 100% agree. And this is so childish and typical for someone like this to use social media as a platform to spew nonsense and get more attention.


Amen 🙌🏼


@mommasgonecity thank you for saying you hear my heart


@mommasgonecity have you gone to purchase a fun legally?? I have. There was a 5 day wait for background check.. do you honestly believe criminals, felons and mentally ill crazed folks will honor a stronger check?? They don't now..


@jodyhildick oh my goodness please tell me specifically how the President is encouraging mentally ill people to shoot another human.. so sad if you believe that


@reabbismom no 🙏 prayer is vacant and people kill not guns..controlling guns from law abiding citizens will not limit or control guns in the least bit with criminals and mentally ill. I am very sad to see you post your thought that our President is somehow to blame...


Thank you 💕


@megblackney thank you for pointing this out. I get so sick of the excuses.


@calanier the Dayton shooter was a liberal but did not speak liberal words or right a manifesto while the El Paso shooter had a manifesto and used trump’s words to fuel hatred and kill people of color, aimed at immigrants. He drove hours away from his home to attack people different from him in order to speak to some idealist he feels emboldened by due to trump’s buddying up to white supremacists.


@yogamamasara Hear ya loud and clear sis. It’s time for some common sense gun legislation!


@acathey I dont understand at all. Was the kid from Ohio alt-right? That's why he killed his sister? What massacre? Are you kidding? So, you are speaking of the one crazy kid who killed people in El Paso? Do you hate Muslims and denounce them like Trump? Because there has been more of those "massacres" in the name of Allah. Or do you write that off as mentally Ill or delusional? There are many people that voted Trump in. They are not mass murderers. And unlike the leftist, I do not try to prove that my way of thinking is the only way ad nauseam. We think differently. Obviously, the twist and the complexity put on an incident fuels your opinion... But, this is America, you think your way and I'll think mine. That's all. Thank you for your insight. Good day.


@acathey I dont understand. what alt right massacres??? A mass shho


@acathey my bad...I posted before I answered your question. The research comes from Reuters, AP, and SPLC. My ultimate point is that as our president, I expect more from him. Fanning the flames of alt-right rhetoric, which has been proven to result in tragedy, is not benefiting our society. Period. I’m struggling with any insight that disputes this.


@carrielynnm55 I see your point and can certainly understand, but, from my opinion, Trump “brutally honest” is actually a bunch of crap. I totally get the “drain the swamp” and other tales, but really, that’s not actually what happens with him. He’s so incredibly dishonest that at this point I have trouble believing the numbers he touts at a city rally. He’s my president. That alone deserves my respect and hope for what he can do for our country. I see the good, the bad and the ugly, but still hold hope that God has willed his tenure for a reason. But I have trouble reconciling the alt-right massacres that’s been happening under his presidency. [While some certainly displayed signs of mental illness, all share a history of consuming and/or participating in the type of far-right ecosystem that defines the alt-right.


Thank you for your words- San Francisco stands with you!!!! 🇺🇸 #nraisaterroristorganization


@22oreilly I have unfollowed this post and poster as well. I left on my own and you continue. It ends now!


The comments you get are insane. So I’m just here to say that I love how you stand up for fundamental rights, and so poignantly share the sentiments so many of us are feeling right now. We simply have to do better. Be better. And look at the facts we’re faced with right now. Keep on being you. I love these posts and the waves they create, even the negatives.


@karaledford They do but there is differences throughout. Do you think other countries run the same? They are very different socially. You are mistaken. Guns have been around for years. This shooting of innocent people for mass attention is fairly new. Other countries have other issues.


@acathey I believe that these things were going to happen regardless whose president. Out of all the mass murders how many can actually be attributed to Trump. I dont know to which rhetoric you speak of. Many things said are by him are also twisted by alt left. So I dont trust any studies. Maybe you can name them so we can see who is putting that information forth. Many of the mass murders did however show violence for years and almost all had some kind of social media. That is a fact. I have a different perspective and that's ok. Not that it matters, I do not solely agree with all Trumps ideas. However, I do like that he is brutally honest. I'm sick of Democrats passing blame and lying to the American public. I'd rather hear it straight up.


@carrielynnm55 I agree that the world continues its desensitization, which happens with each decade. I also agree, sadly, that violence will continue regardless of what political party is in office. The research I noted was specifically looking at the direct link between his words, one man’s words, and the violent impact that its had. As president, his words have an immense impact, unlike anyone else in the world. Like I said, I don’t believe that Trump is solely responsible & the left skewers him unnecessarily. I do believe that his words have energized an alt-right agenda & research proves it. Trump has done some really positive things, but to blindly discount his inciting words as being from “just one man”, and it’s all societies fault, is a fairly simplistic. It’s disappointing that most party-followers (left or right) can’t assess him, his actions and his words from an unbiased viewpoint.


@hazmom I’m obviously sorry to hear that, and I was probably cranky in my reply as I’ve tried engaging in this discussion on multiple places and often fail to understand the relevance of certain comments. Personally I want to keep a discussion to weapons, as that’s the only point of relevance as far as I’m concerned. We can end the commentary here.


@carrielynnm55 do other countries not have mental health issues? Or violent video games? You wake up. This is a gun issue.


@acathey You can not say that's duly related to Trump being president. There has also been a change in culture. Heroin use has gone up, violence used in music, television, new forms of social media rising up. Our desensitization of violence and every song talking about guns seems to have more influence on young adults than a president. You are assuming after his presidency that this will cease. It wont. Theres an increase going on. You seem to forget many violent acts and senseless shootings occurred when Obama was president. I really feel that leftist use Trump, one man, as the reason for the violence or attributing to it. Not society. They seem to leave society out of it. That's the problem. Schools do not support mental health. Music, sex, violence is everywhere. You have little kids seeing this. Videos on instagram, you tube, and so forth. Face it. Young adults doing this are a byproduct of the environment. They didnt get turned because of a middle-old aged president. That's what adults want to believe so they can feel better about their political agenda.


@carrielynnm55 regardless of one’s political affiliation or personal bias, the number of explicitly alt-right groups has nearly tripled between 2015 and 2016 alone, when Trump started his campaign. There has also been a spike in reported incidents of hate violence, including harassment and physical assault, vandalism, alongside rising alt-right hostile behavior and bullying in schools. Research indicates that 37% of them directly referenced either President Trump, his campaign slogans, or his remarks about sexual assault. While I don’t believe that these tragedies lay solely on Trump’s shoulders, research points to the fact that his words do have a negative & violent impact.


I agree there is a gun issue. But more importantly this is a hate issue. Our culture is fertilizing hate at this moment in time. This should be our first and foremost concern.


@22oreilly my nephew was killed by an ied. I don’t care what your experience is. It happens.


Thank you for this post... this post earned you a new follower: ME. I know I’m just one more of your many, but I am with you on this 100%. Thank you for using your voice on social media to SPEAK UP! 💕💕💕💕


This is a gun issue! This is a gun issue. This is a gun issue! To ALL presidents past and present. This is a gun issue!


Please keep this on your platform until there is some positive resolution. Please.


Amen!! ♥️♥️


@mommasgonecity in response to @czier000 no argument that mental health is an issue but not sure how it applies here. Unless you think racism/white supremacy is a mental issue. I'm sure that defense is around the corner but it is NOT a mental issue. What it is is pure and simple HATE.
Gun control. Ban assault weapons because it makes sense!!! Why is this an argument?!? Call your senators. Demand action now!!!


@reabbismom I agree with reabbismom. You were making a point about gun violence and to really be heard you should have not made it about Trump. Every President before him has had the opportunity to evoke change and have failed to do. Our politicians both Dem and Rep have failed us on this issue.


Thank goodness for strict gun laws here in Australia 🇦🇺

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