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My boys never gave up their comforting evening bedtime routine of bathing, reading, and milk. These cute connoisseurs (plus Justin!) love Organic Valley’s new ULTRA milk. It has 50% less sugar and 50% more protein! Demi is still going strong as well, and she's the lucky one! Her brothers fight over who can read to her and help her with her milk.
I'm excited to introduce a new partnership we have with Organic Valley. We will be visiting their family farms and their toxic pesticide free, pastoral fields where all of their cows are grass fed. I am eager to learn more about this process and share as I go! #milkjustgotULTRA #organicvalley




Does this have any difference in taste to generic milk? I have tried Horizon and it has an overly sweet aftertaste that I can’t stand. I’d love to find an organic brand but I’m sensitive to flavor.


I’m concerned for their teeth! Dentists say milk before bed is the #1 cause of dental issues in kids, followed by gummy vitamins. I hope they’re brushing well after their moo juice!


I quit drinking cows milk some years ago after I decided to try almond milk and discovered I liked it better!! Easier on my system as well!!


@mommasgonecity where did you get that chalk board 😍


So glad that you aren’t against this healthful food!!! I’m glad you are open to your kids consuming dairy even as it’s not something you choose personally. Obviously consuming dairy has its pros and cons, but I frankly don’t trust health advice from people who categorically dismiss foods because of their biased views.


Ok. I usually sit on the sidelines but today the discussion is on Dairy vs dairy free. My feeling is that dairy free is more about a healthy lifestyle than climate change. If you’re going dairy free, do so because your body doesn’t need it past age 5. You can get calcium from plenty of plant based foods. The amount of antibiotics in dairy products is off the charts, just as it is in all animal products. Therefore, consume dairy and animal products in moderation.


Is this like the ultra filtered milk?


How exciting all around! Congrats on the partnership for your family.


Bravo mama! Awesome sponsor💕


@mommasgonecity please share where the bulletin board is from!


So yummy!! ❤️


That’s a routine that will set them up for success! 🙌🥛😃

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