Appearing on @guccibeauty, hands of the cast members hold the bottle of #GucciMémoire d’une Odeur—meaning memory of a scent—by @alessandro_michele. The Creative Director was inspired by a vintage #Gucci fragrance bottle for its design which is grooved like a column from an ancient world, in light green glass, crowned with shiny gold cap. #GucciBeauty #AlessandroMichele Discover the new universal fragrance through link in bio.




What's the price




Love the bottle, I'm taking a wild guess but is this by any chance a new take on that timeless classic vetiver smelling purfume?


My perfume smell so good


This photo looks like some sort of evidence in a misdemeanor crime 🤦‍♂️




Love 💕 🎁🎁🎁🎁


haw mach


how much?




Crap i had a sample in Sephora it smells like cheap hands soap 👎🤮😬🙊


Mmmm smells like fat pockets


Smelling good, real good is a good business.. 😆


I love❤️😍




This smells like something @franciskurkdjian has created


Perfume makes me nauseous. Isn't at least a third of the world fragrance sensitive? Time to move away from this noxious nonsense.


It made me smell like a girl

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