Jessica Shyba

He waits all week to go to the beach. He is the best boy when it comes to almost everything, including listening. Today, he wasn’t ready to go home.




When this happens with my boys, I walk back and sit down and snug with them a while longer. I truly feel in these moments we are able to more deeply communicate on a soul level. He’s trying to tell you guys to slow down and soak it in. Just breathe. Really look at him and pet him, tell him how much you love him. It’s such a good, raw moment and I’m so happy you shared this. You guys have a once in a lifetime doggie right there. ❤️❤️😘


Oh my goodness! I must have watched this a dozen times, the voice over is killing me 😂 this is my dog but replace beach with a king size bed.


Awe he wants to stay😭❤️


He’s adorable!


so... did y’all unload and play again or just wait for him to come to the car??


Such a good boy, Theo. 💜


2019 marks the first year in my life (I’m 60yo) that I’ve not been to any beach this far into the year. When I finally get there (likely Lake MI, hopefully this week), I will absolutely be like Theo. Love him. Thanks so much for sharing him & this with us. 🌊🐾♥️🐾🌊


Hah! Theo: we leave when “I” say it’s time to leave!! ❤️


Theo just might be my spirit animal ♥️


Love that Theo!


♥️ Theo!


Too adorable😇


What beach can dogs go to near SF?


This is the best.


love your stories, your children and especially Theo 💙




Does Josie like the beach too? One of my pups loved it and is all about water. My other dog is NOT :)


I can’t stop watching this. 😂♥️

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