There is nothing funny about how the new Metal Vent Tech 2.0 held up after store ambassadors @nickpagsfit and @troy_brooks put it through the test. The result speaks for itself showing the new MVT 2.0 is just as comfortable post-workout as it is at the start. #thesweatlife

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YES @troy_brooks !!! 🙌🙌


Hi @lululemon, we'd like to share to you our new tool called Campaign Manager where you can easily organize your influencer campaigns. You can add influencers you have collab within a campaign, and it displays their analytics that helps you to track their engagement. We are still updating it soon and will have more features such as Messaging influencers, Exporting Lists, etc. Please check it out




Such radiant smiles!


I was recently introduced to lulu gear by my personal trainer and I’ve fallen in love with the MVT line (already have 4 t-shirts, 2 hoodies and a long sleeve). I was excited to hear MVT 2.0 was out and improving an already great product. I don’t love the look of the back of the shirts from the pics I’ve seen in the app so far but I’ll need to see them in person 🤔


Dear Lulu, I have a gift card credit that I can NOT spend because you are all out of size 14 in everything I try to order online 😠. How disappointing! The scuba hoodie is sold out in every colour in size 14. Please stock more size 14 in all the items you make. The demand is there! And the customer frustration is real.


check my recent for some cheap lulu shorts ♡


No idea if it's me or your website but every time I try to click on an item it says "access denied"


please bring back the 6” black align bike shorts in size 10 !!!!😫


Could you bring tempest blue align 25 back in a few sizes please 😫 I was going to purchase today!


That looks great😂


@lululemon cuando es la próxima carrera en nueva York?
Ustedes tienen un grupo para entrenar de corredores ??


Thank you for featuring a trans person in your Stories. You rock!!!!


Love what you guys do 💯💪


These new shirts are 🔥!!


Sent DM🌹


I was wondering, can we go in and ask for a bag or two? Or do we have to buy something?



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