Victoria's Secret

That feeling when your bra has performance benefits—and looks good, too. In a word: Incredible.




ojos lindisima la ropa sexiii


This is their new trans model?!






Is a woman?






Order a gift for my niece had it set for Saturday Delivering,never arrived so disappointed in Victoria’s Secret


Is this the transgender model? So sad that you can't tell anymore. 🤢


I have recently stopped shopping at vs because they don’t have enough real world women... Every other women’s clothing store has all size models .. I have yet to see a model that has a healthy shape or even a size 10 or above...


I heard V.S will be discontinuing sports wear. Is this true???!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!


Maybe @victoriassecret try something different for once try having more sizes and different kinds of models than usual understand there are different types of people and body shapes in this world. (beautiful model shown not dissing her)




Something weird under her arm?


It seems all of your new bra's cater to small bust size. What happened to the other the very supportive balconette!!?? Please bring that back..literally my favorite bra for my D cups


She's been a VS model for a while but she's just not over-photoshopped like she has been in the past. Looks way better


I think this is the transgender model?


Nice to see you guys not going overboard with the photoshop

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