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What does it take to make the ultimate everyday bra? Our innovation and design teams explain, now on IGTV.




Very nice photo indeed.


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@brebre432 most of the VS bras have the ability to become a Razorback by just unclipping the straps and crisscrossing them in the back. I tell a lot of people that come into the store to try that and it works almost every time. And they still stay hidden under your shirt. Just trying to help!!


@victoriassecret it happens with mine too. I have multiple of them. Need to make a bra with no slip straps


@andiniiip hahah iyaiyaiyaaa


cepe 3 ni di pasar @chaduik_


@brebre432 We recommend tighten the straps. If this does not work, we recommend return the bra for an exchange.


The only problem I frequently have with my incredibra is the straps loosen themselves over the day. What do I do about this?


@lisaholt1968 We've made sure to share your request to bring back our Body by Victoria Front Close Bra!


Please bring back the Body by Victoria razorback front closure. I can't stand back closures.


Like get over it no one cares about that bring back the angels content like in 2009-2012


@shaunice_begay Your request has been noted!


When are you guys gonna make nursing bras


@sunnysunshineface yeah I always do but it’s still a little too big. It works though I was just saying if they ever did come out with more sizes like that I’d be really happy, but thank you 😊


@hannah_eison Have you ever tried wearing your 32 on the inner last row of the band. It will tighten up;)


@bridgette.bee.beautiful Shop your new favorite bra by tapping the link in our bio!


i need a new bra // mail it to me ?




@cheyblair13 second this^^^



Hey, I love your posts. Go check me out. :)


@itsamecindy thank you!!πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ






@alicecgong We have your band size too! Drop on by on site and shop our Bra collection by size. Happy shopping!


@prisca.ekans Please head over to our site and check out how to measure your bra size under our bra tab. Thanks!


Wow so many feature bra selection that why u chick πŸ˜‚ have comfortable wear it sister πŸ‘


wish VS would expand their cup size range even in just the body by VS collection . πŸ’• body collection is my favourite for everyday bra 😍


wish vs would expand there cup range


Me gusta πŸ’Ÿ πŸ‘Œ


Me encanta su corseteria mi novia solo usa esta ropa keen verdad se ve muy bonita


@nini2415 Shared with our team!

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