Boobs, they are a changing. Director of Whitespace Innovation, @cmurnaghan shares what she’s learned about boobs—both personally and professionally, and about her Vice President of the Itty-Bitty-Titty Committee nomination. What’s your #boobtruth?




I underwent a bilateral mastectomy about 1.5 years ago and had reconstruction. Do you all have any bras designed specifically with these needs in mind?



Shut yo clown ass up


Thank you so much lulu for this serie with such diverse and inspiring women. Funny and very interesting! 👏👏👏


Hi my names is Molly I am 18 and a size 32G or 30 H. I have extras difficulty finding sports bras that can give me some co@fort and relief. I have found one brand but other then that I would have to wear about three to help with the discomfort. However what I am missing from my life co@pletly is a stylist sports bra that fits me correctly. @lululemon can you help me?


A to DD: i hear ya sister! Me too


I love her candor!


My comment is that you brand is for exclusive small people. It’s unfortunate that it is a brand that people seem to like either because it is a good product or because it’s the next cool thing. People who are healthy come in all sizes. Stop body shaming—#notcool


Oh my goodness! I love this. If my boobs could talk they would say, “free me!”


I wear size 12 in the leggings. But your bras don’t fit me with a cup d. Underbreast-Size is to it’s tight and uncomfortable.


Her laugh is so contagious 😂💓😊


I love so much that y’all are doing these #boobtruths videos @lululemon 🙌🏾😍


I wear ds but can’t wear your brand, hopefully you get more inclusive! I love your brand but it’s been geared to skinny people only, great to see regular bodies fit in your wares on the fitness journey


I love your jackets and tried on a few in the store, but they are all made for smaller boobs! While the jackets fit me elsewhere, the material pulled at the sides of my boobs. When the girl helping me looked, she didn’t see any size larger than a 12 in either one. But I buy your shirts/tops and never have an issue. 🤷🏼‍♀️


I get frustrated that I can’t wear any of your bras, it’s like I can’t have a small back and a big chest. Can you please make 28” backs with cup sizes greater than DD’s? Pretty please?! I’m always made to feel like the odd one out. 😔

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