Toronto Buffing Inc.

It’s not about how they enter, it’s about how they leave! This high mileage Porsche 911 came to us in absolutely horrendous condition seeking a respectable finish. We took the challenge on with a smile! Full paint correction with water sanding, chip repair, ppf removal, and partial resprays. We sealed all exterior body panels with @Xpel Ultimate Plus Film, and then coated the film with one layer of @CeramicPro Light! Some micropitting remains, but a great turn around regardless. Tomorrow we will post the finished shots. Enjoy, and please tell us what you think!

280 Toronto Buffing Inc.



Amazing work as usual 💪


Fantastic work! F


Extremely happy with the result. From looking like a old tired car it looks better than it came out from the dealer. Has 220k kms on it right now 😂


Killed it 👌🏾


That’s what I meant a good ass PAINT CORRECTION 👌🏾 PERFECT 😍




How much does the whole mentioned service cost?Cz I got a 535i bmw approximately the same condition.


Did that one dirty 💪


Wowie 🔥


Stunning turnaround well done

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