Sometimes all you need to go outside your comfort zone is a buddy by your side. Just ask Henry and Baloo (@henrythecoloradodog), a pair of outdoor enthusiasts from Denver, Colorado. 🐾⛰⁣

“Baloo always checks with Henry to make sure it’s safe to explore, and Henry always checks on Baloo,” says their human Cynthia Bennett. “It’s almost like they take care of each other.”⁣

Today on #YouGotThis, Henry and Baloo show us that if you want to go far, it’s best to go together. Check out their adventures, right now on our story.⁣

Photo by @henrythecoloradodog

1,774,261 Arapaho National Forest







هه چ جالب دوست و دشمن 😉


This dog is wise, I think he’s tired and needs to sleep so he saved something to feed on when he wakes up




Awww 😍


En güzel şey korunmaktır sevdiğin insana sımsıkı sarılmak.


Great shot


That's cool. They bonded. A dog has 6million times the amount of senses a human has.




الراجحي مر من هنا ✋✋✋❤❤




Je veux


صورة للتعايش الاجتماعي




True love, just perfect 💖


It so precious❤️


Animals are beautiful







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