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Video by Bertie Gregory @bertiegregory | This beautiful female grey wolf approached us with her pack on the west coast of the Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada. She was bold and curious, and I distinctly remember hearing the crunching of the icy snow under her feet. Never once did we feel even remotely threatened. To see this close encounter, watch ‘Wild_Life: The Big Freeze’. Premiering this Friday, 8/16 at 9pm EST on Nat Geo Wild. Follow @bertiegregory for more on the series. #wild_life #animals #wolves #blackwolf #snow




Wonderful 👍


عشقیم گرگ🚜😍


She’s a beauty 😍stay safe 💙girl.💕


I hope to have it one day😍


لوقو يميز مشروعكم 🌿


لوقو يميز مشروعكم 🌿


Какая восхитительная красота...


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very beautiful😍😍😍😍😍😍


Young wolf 🐺 rob starke😍😍




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Beautiful i had a chance to see a wolf like this up close


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