"Every single women's breast movement profile is completely unique. It's almost like a signature. It's completely unique to them." —@cmurnaghan, Director of Whitespace Labs.
If there's one thing we've learned on this #boobtruth journey, it's that every boob has its own unique truth. From nipple hair to period boobs, to boob health, to squirting breastmilk, we've heard some profound and hilarious stories from some truly inspirational humans. Seven conversations, 3.5 million views (and counting), endless love. Thank you for coming along on this real, vulnerable, truth-filled journey. Check out episode 7 on our IGTV channel now. That's a wrap...or, is it? Tune in next week to take your #boobtruth Tuesdays love to a new level. We think it may be time to pass the mic your way.




Love this 💙✌️


I really appreciate the addition of larger cup sizes. However, I'm a 32-34G. I find that whenever a brand starts selling larger cup sizes the band size goes up too 😢 I would LOVE to be able to wear a lululemon bra, but I've never found one with a big enough cup and small enough band to keep me supported during a workout.


I would appreciate consistent sizing. 3 size 12 tops...1 way too large, one I might could do a 10, another would only if if I ever have ribs removed?


I ❤️lulu


They do change!! My go to sports bra is now the criss-cross undewire..


Toooooo much on this topic, seriously, enough already!


@lululemon I stopped wearing your tops because they don’t cover “the girls” in all the places I wanted. And then when I sweat the tops would become loose and fall lower.


That are actually wearable * just because you’re a broader, more athletic build....Doesn’t mean you should dress like a man or in ugly clothes right?


I would love a low/medium support bra that keeps everything covered for yoga and works for a 36G! Everything I've tried on in a 12 has no room for boobs and is too big in the band - I've got some good structured, high support bras from other brands but something cute and functional for yoga would be great!


Yes! So true! My journey went from flat as a wall(got made fun of) to D, where everyone thought I got a boob job. Nope. Then during my 4 pregnancies and after I went to G😳. And after breastfeeding all 4 I’m down to a C. And it’s not a perky C🤣but worth the journey. #boobthruth


And for something cute that doesn’t scream “fat, big tits, can’t be cute”

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