Well this is a bad idea for me to comment on any photo of Will’s car so I’m just gonna say I love this photo and car! 😍😍 @tamara_jade_ help me out here 🤣🤣


I have no clue mate 🤔 I personally don’t have that problem, but I guess all of our accounts have some ups and downs, I bet they will get better soon Peter! Just keep up your great work 💪👍


Is he still the form guy?! But you know my thoughts on this subject too. Just be happy with what you're doing and good things will come your way


I cut down on posting as the algorithm changed the results I was getting. I'm not even sure these engagement groups are helping. The thing is, comments need to be 6 words now.. at least that's what I've heard. You really need people to like, comment and save your posts. Instagram obviously wants to make money and so they look to suppress so called inauthentic interaction. But because IG doesn't always show you a post from someone you follow it's easy to miss them. I hope things improve. Have a good one. 👍


I don’t pay too much attention to my numbers here as I know my favourite shots aren’t the most popular ones, but I do use Instagram for work too and they are quite quick to downmark any of the ‘like for like’ and ‘comment group’ activity to try and ensure well performing posts are genuine. Not sure what the shoutout thing has been as I’ve been on holiday but if it’s the same smallish group of people cross promoting each other’s posts/feeds it may well flag something.


Instagram can be super inconsistent. Just do largely what you want and don't let the likes and interactions affect the learning and growth in your photography!


As most commenters are saying I find it quite up and down, without much of a pattern. I have learned to not worry about it too much. This seems to still be a good community of photographers with similar interests so I’m happy I joined when I did.


I gained a shit-tonne of follows from that but haven't seen a huge spike in likes, but then I've only uploaded one post. IMO I think you might almost post too often, I often miss your posts because I've cut down the amount of time I spend on here but who knows. 🤷‍♂️


My likes have dropped too man. I'm sure it's just Insta doing something. Your content is still epic


Really strange. It's fluctuating mad on mine as well. The Capri post got an insane amount of comments compared to all my other posts. The only pattern I've noticed at all that Porsche posts ALWAYS do better for some reason 😂


I have warned you, they are going after the people who took a part in those shoutouts, we can't win! 😂 You are doing nothing wrong, it is partly because of the people who thinks just for themselves but mainly about IG algorithm. It is the same with online games, it is free to play, they give you a sniff of fame then slash down your exposure and ask you to pay for better and more consistent results. That is why I don't really try to beat it, because I can't really influence it, except pay for it. So I rather focus on photography and editing.


I don’t understand Instagram, I just like looking at good photos 😀


Awesome 👌🏻😀 honestly no idea why aha!


Instagram is not what it was, they say they want to improve mental health on social media but what they actually mean is if you want the exposure you're going to have to pay for it.


Great shot! 😍 Its instagram 😤 many times i dont see the posts coming from the people i follow, after a few days i maybe see them 🙄


Because the Instagram algorithm is sh*** great shot btw👌👌💪


Time to be honest Pete....... A majority of the people that did that may have had genuine intentions but some people just want to boost there followers and like and then just not bother once they have got what they wanted. I know the people that genuinely like my photos and have now become friends and I hope to have many more but for some people it's all about the numbers. That aside loving the blur 🤩🤩🤩

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