Have had my eye on @figandolive for a long while and finally made it some time ago with @ladentedolce and @crumbssss for a girly date.

They had some specials on the day, which included chicken steaks so the girls ordered those and I searched for some red meat on the menu and came across the lamb chops in the starters section. Decided to make it a main and paired it with some chips. The food came out fairly quick and I did not regret those lamb chops at all. They packed flavour and were sooooo delicious! The chicken steaks were good too and went down well also.

Obviously one of the main reasons people love it here is not just the delicious food, but the famous churros! We were stuffed from the mains but I refused to leave Blackburn without trying them so forced the girls to share!!!😏 That specific day, sadly we had to send the churros back for being slightly underdone inside. But they were quickly replaced even though the kitchen was due to close soon.
The food and service here is very good and I can see why it is always full masha’Allah. Thankyou @figandolive for the fab service and delicious food! I will be back in sha Allah♥️#halalingaround #blackburn #figandolive #churros #lambchops #bolton #preston #london #birmingham #foodie #foodblog #blogging #foodstagram #foodphotography #steak #chicken #foodgasm

273 The Fig and The Olive



The lamb chops look so good 😍


Looks really good 😍😍


Delicious 😋




Making me hungryyyy 😋😋😍😍


Mmmn definitely craving this now 🤤


Looks delish 😋


Had these ystrday amazing


Lovely 😋😍😋😍💞

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