Truckin’ Roll

Huge shout out to @tylerlydiatt for putting together such an incredible live edge booth, @eastarcmetal for encasing our baby in metal and @hveinotartwork for the final touches of our sign. We are obsessed with our new/second location - be sure to check us out on Friday as @foundersfoodhall is open!!! #theyseemerollin #foundershall #rolledicecream #truckinroll #truckinrollpitstop

628 Founders’ Food Hall and Market



This looks awesome!! Congratulations 👏


Will Church street location be open tomorrow




So clever & fun - just like the owners;)


Combined effort by all 🙌🏼 thanks for the opportunity to get to build this booth ! 🙏


So freakin cute!!!! 😍

Looks stellar! You guys are awesome 😍




looks awesome




Just amazing 💞






Wow 💗 that looks amazing 👏

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