I walked up to Nitara’s school @bkmontessori7 @barkha213 and saw this lovely pin board there. If you see it closely you’ll know it’s a board comprising of the festive days ahead.
It says-
Eid Mubarak
Happy Independence Day
Raksha Bandhan
Dahi Handi.. It immediately caught my attention and all I thought was how lovely it is to see the above in ‘One frame’

How many countries do you know of, who can boast of having such a secular set up.
None actually.
Have we spoken about these little things to our babies?Our children see things through us. We are their mirrors.

Alas we don’t appreciate what we got.

Being compatible, compassionate and tolerant are real virtues. Let’s enhance these thoughts in our babies,while we run about trying to hunt the best school, best book, best dress, best food and everything best around🤘 let’s try and nurture #best #humans
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😘❤️ beautifully put Rashi. Let us spread this happiness in our children and their friends. Thank you for sharing our board 🙏

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